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Than to protect a skin of the child from a frost

Children's skin is the most delicate skin, since unlike adult skin, it is most susceptible to natural aggressive factors. Children's skin suffers more from wind, frost and cold.

In ancient times, before you go out with a childStreet, the skin of the child was greased with various oils, goose or pork fat. At the present time, special protective creams exist to protect children's skin.

Cream against winter frost

Special cream emulsions are divided into two types: Reverse and direct emulsion. Most creams, especially moisturizers, are considered as direct emulsions. In the composition of such a cream, each molecule is engulfed by a couple of water molecules. Often, these creams are up to eighty percent of the water. They are quickly and easily distributed to the baby's skin. In addition, they are well absorbed into the skin, which means there is no greasy shine. However, these creams are not for winter walks, as the water contained in the cream quickly freezes, which leads to an aggressive effect of cold on the baby's skin.

But the inverse emulsions help to protect againstFrost skin baby. These creams have an oily component. They have a thick consistency, create a protective film that protects the skin from a large loss of moisture and fat. But there is no freezing of water. Special winter creams have a protective property, activate the influence of oil-soluble and water-soluble substances, well retain moisture in the skin.

The main components of these creams areDifferent oils that create a thin protective film on the skin through which water can not penetrate, and thus prevents drying and weathering of the skin.

To protect the skin of the baby will also help special oils. They are mineral and vegetable.

Mineral oils are created from artificialSubstances produced from oil. Here are some of the substances - Vaseline, paraffin, microcrystalline wax. These substances are almost insoluble in alcohols and in water, can not penetrate through the skin, creating a skin impermeable to air and moisture film.

If the cosmetic contains more than 10% of mineral oils, then it will not fit the baby's skin, because such a means disrupts the process of breathing the skin.

In protective cosmetics, medicinal components are used, wound healing substances - panthenol, soothing herbs - chamomile, cornflower, calendula.

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