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Safety of children on the road

Parents of very young children might think,That they do not need this information and the safety of children on the road for them is absolutely not relevant. But, as you know, time flies very quickly, you do not have time to look back, as your child begins to go to school on his own. And then you will understand how useful it is for him to know the rules of the children's behavior on the road.

According to statistics, a large numberAccidents in the result of road accidents involving children are also taking place in the courtyards of residential buildings. Therefore, adults must constantly monitor children so that they are careful of the road.

Better sooner than later

It is advisable, when your baby will already run, inIncluding on the street, so that he knows how to behave on the road. You do not need to literally study the rules of the road with a child and force them to learn by heart, you must instill in him the basic concepts of rules for safe behavior on the road. Start talking with your child about safety on the road while he is still in the stroller.

Top - top, stomping baby

But before you start to teach the child, not badTo observe them ourselves. If you told the child for a long time that you need to cross the road only on the pedestrian crossing and always on the green light of the traffic light and then, passing it across the road, you go to the red light or worse - in the wrong place, then most likely, he will do so Same as you.

While learning the rules of behavior on the roadsTry to involve the child in this process, translating it into interesting games. Young children like the traffic lights very much, they are attracted by switching bright light. And, accordingly, they will find out what it is and why it is needed. Just these questions can be an excellent reason to start learning the rules of the road transition and the basic colors of the traffic light.

Children see the road in a different way!

Young children perceive the road and the transport moving along it quite differently than adults. We bring to your attention the main features of the psychological perception of the road by children.

Children's eye

Children who are three years old, in principle,Must distinguish between a car that stands in place from a car moving along the road. But the child can not assess the danger posed by the car moving in his direction because of the peculiarities of the psyche of his age. He can not really determine at what distance the car is moving from him, especially at what speed he goes. And that the child can not stop suddenly, the child, most likely, does not know. In the minds of almost all young children, a real car is associated with a toy car, which can stop at any time.

Sources of sound

The hearing aid of the child in the building also hasTheir own characteristics. Up to six years because of these features, children do not distinguish well from which side any sound is heard, including the sounds of a passing vehicle on the road. Often the baby can not find his way from where the noise of the approaching car is heard.

Selective children's attention

Because of the age features of child psychology,In young children, attention is strictly selective. A small child can not concentrate on several objects that fall in his field of vision, more than 2-3 seconds. He chooses from this picture one particular object, to which all his attention is directed. The object, to which the child at the moment has turned his attention, has very much interested him, and accordingly everything else he does not see. This may be a ball that rolled out onto the road and the child running after it, most likely, just will not notice the approaching car.

The process of inhibition of the nervous system

Children under the age of ten are not yet fully developedThe central nervous system, because of what their reaction to dangerous situations is not the same as in adults. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 children, crossing the road, will be frozen with horror and will still close their eyes with their hands when they see the car in front of them. They have a stereotypical brainchild, which is characteristic for all children, if there is no danger, then there is none, and everything will be fine. This is exactly what happens 2/3 of traffic accidents involving children.

Features of the sight of babies

All children under 7-8 years old have a "tunnel"vision". This means that the side vision is completely absent, therefore, the child sees only what is directly in front of him. Therefore, the child can see only the car that is moving towards, and the vehicles passing by the side, he just will not notice.

In connection with this feature, a child needs to knowThe golden rule of the road - before crossing the road you first need to look to the sides, to the left, then to the right. And if suddenly the child does not know this rule, then he can create an emergency situation on the road. When teaching children safety rules on the roads, it is necessary to take into account all these features of the child's organism.

Inadequate hazard assessment

In young children, there is anotherFeature - everything big, large-sized it seems terrible. The child reacts to the size of the car, but the speed with which this car moves, does not bother him at all. It seems to the kid that a huge truck that travels slowly is much more dangerous than a passenger car that flies at great speed. With this in mind, you must constantly draw the child's attention to the correct definition of danger.

Low growth of crumbs

Small growth is also a child problemWhen crossing the road. At the level of the review, with its growth, the child sees the road quite differently than tall adults. Therefore, he can not physically assess the actual situation on the road, especially if the survey closes parked cars on the roadside near the pedestrian crossing. For drivers this is also a problem, as it is more difficult for them to notice such a small pedestrian, especially truck drivers.

Parents! You must, on your own examples, show the children how to observe the rules of the road. Teach your children safe behavior on the roads. In the car, transport small children in a special auto-chair, which corresponds to the age and weight of the child. And then with your help the safety of your children will be ensured.

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