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How to teach a child to get up early in the morning

Early recovery is necessary in anyFamily. But a child who is used to getting up late is difficult to wake up early in the morning. In such a situation it becomes necessary to train your baby to get up early. We bring to your attention several ways how to teach a child to get up early in the morning, which will help without problems to move to a new rhythm of sleep.

First you need to start with yourself

Agree, because the ever-hurried mother, whoAgain overslept the lift, will not be able to give the baby a good visual example. Therefore it is better, if mum itself will reconsider the regimen of day and will accustom first to rise in the mornings. The child will be easier to accustom to early morning rises and punctuality, if in the family parents always get up early and are rarely late.

Parents should train their child to cook everything from evening

To do this, start together with him prepare in advanceClothes and things that will be needed in the morning and at the same time discuss with the child the cause and purpose of the early recovery. A child who knows that tomorrow he has to get up early in the morning, will not so resist and get up on time. Also, you can approach the choice of clothes or things in a playful form, discussing with him what he will put on or take tomorrow, thereby pushing the baby to the desire to get up early in the morning and put on the thing he has chosen earlier.

To teach a child to get up early will help a gentle awakening

You do not have to lift a child out of bedAggressively or harshly, you need to wake him gently and affectionately. But do not fall asleep with the baby. Not succumbing to the persuasion of the child to sleep a little more, stir up the sleepy demandingly and calmly. Faster to do this, you can also help invented the game, for example, reading the statement on behalf of any character from the cartoons that fell in love with a kid who hurries to a kindergarten with gifts for kiddies or something is cooking for him.

Try not to reproach your children

In this case it will be better if you do notScold your baby for not being able to wake up early. It is unlikely that a child from the "little one" will be able to quickly change into a "lark", and this is not his fault. To teach a child to wake up early, it takes some time, strength and patience.

The methods listed above must be performedNot only from time to time, but also become part of your daily life. Pay every evening attention to the preparation for tomorrow morning, regardless of whether you wake the baby with the same type of game, without thinking up various innovations to it. At the same time the child will not feel discomfort, he will even be interested in it and eventually he will learn it.

There are several reasons why children often can not learn to wake up early

One of the main reasons is frequent non-complianceRegime of the day. This means that you should always get up and go to bed at about the same time, give time (work) and rest for a certain time. It is important that the child has a day regimen, that is, it is necessary to pay attention to how much he sleeps and how he spends the entire time of the day.

On the sleeping regime of the baby and his general condition alsoCan affect proper nutrition. Food that is fully saturated with vitamins and minerals necessary for the baby's body will help to get used to a new rhythm of sleep or day regimen.

Rise at the same time not only on weekdaysDays, but also on weekends, is a good indicator that the child has established the correct mode of sleep and wakefulness. Having established the correct schedule, do not try to remake it, do not need to break down what you have so hard to achieve.

It's not so easy to teach children earlyWake up, but with love and patience everything can turn out. And even someone who is very fond of sleeping, will give in to parental love and affection and learn to get up early.

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