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Baby walkers: the pros and cons

Go-carts: pluses

  1. Every young mother knows the state whenThe kid constantly sits on his hands and it is impossible to do any other business, and there are usually a lot of them. A woman should be able to cook, clean, wash, in general, monitor the order and coziness in the house. It is hard when taking care of the baby all the time. To facilitate the life of a young mother and free time for household chores will help the purchase of walkers.
  2. Age 6- 8 months is the period when inThe child wakes up interest in everything that surrounds him. He wants to get rid of the arena and see the full picture of the world, to participate in the life of adults. In the walker the baby will not feel separated from others, his horizons will become much wider.
  3. In addition, the development of the child in the walkerOccurs faster than that of his peers. Emotional, social and intellectual development is faster. Children, whose development occurs with the help of walkers, are more loyal to strangers, more sociable, prepared for emotional contact.

Go-carts: cons

Not so everything is harmless, as it seems and inUse of baby walkers has its negative manifestations. Otherwise, there would be no controversy about the use of these materials. To a number of disadvantages of using a walker in the process of developing a baby are listed:

Delayed process of development of motor skills.

It is established quite reliably that the walkers insignificantly slow the development of motor skills in the child. This process is caused by insufficient psychological stimulation of the baby's need for movement. What is the use of making efforts and learning to walk independently, if walking in a walker does not require any effort.

Danger of deformation of the skeleton.

In the case of a long stay in the walkerRisk of occurrence and development of deformation of the spine and curvature of the legs. Therefore, in the case of using walkers, do not leave the baby in them for more than 30 minutes, otherwise the risk of developing health problems increases.

Influence on the development of the cerebellum.

The opinion of pediatric pediatricians about the use ofGo-carts are not the best. The fact of their negative influence on development of functions of the cerebellum is proved. This is because when a child is in a walker for a long time, the child gets used to even keeping on all sides and to the fact that there is no need to balance when walking. The result is a deviation of the development of the cerebellum, the child falls when trying to start walking alone.

Ability to fall right - a skill that is oneof the most important for the baby. This ability saves repeatedly the head and nose of the child. Being always in baby walkers, the baby will not learn to fall properly and with each fall will acquire new bruises and cones.

Remember, you can not hold all your lifechild in a walker. It will be necessary to learn to fall, and it is easier to do it at a small age, until the risk of serious injury is small. When a baby falls, it acquires the skills of grouping muscles and protecting vital organs. In adult life, such skills will come in handy to the child more than once.

A sense of danger and caution.

The sense of danger is present in every livingcreatures. It is one of the components of the instinct of self-preservation. When walking in baby walkers the baby is protected from all sides. When colliding with a wall, a stool and any other object, he will not experience any particular discomfort. The child will not learn how to avoid collisions, and the risk of serious injury is further increased.

Possibility of knowledge of the world around us.

Children learn the world most activelyTactile way, that is, with the help of hands and mouth. A toddler in a walker is deprived of the possibility of such a method of cognition. Walkers prevent the opportunity to pick up an item. This reduces the risk of falling into the hands of the baby objects that carry danger, but at the same time, he can not reach even his own toy.

Danger of injury.

If there are positive reviews of safetyuse of baby walkers, they are still quite traumatic. Walkers tend to turn and hit hard on jambs, doorways and walls. The speed of movement of the baby in the walker is about 10 km / h, which is quite unsafe, at this speed, the reasons for the rollover of the walkers may be joints of carpet coverings, laminate. A fall from a walker is much more dangerous than a child's fall from the height of his own growth.

Problems with the development of the feet.

The correct development of the foot can only take placeIn the case of a gradual transition to standing on the full plane of the sole when walking. This opportunity will not be presented when moving in a walker, where the baby pushes from the floor with his fingertips.

Tension in the muscles of the back.

When the baby is in the walker for a long time,there is a risk of excessive overstrain of the back muscles. The child experiences at the same time a feeling of discomfort, the consequence may be the curvature of the spinal column. This is due to the forced presence for a long time in the vertical position and the lack of possibility to change it.

To all that has already been said, we can add thatwalkers are able to benefit in the field of leisure activities of the baby, and also able to help release a little time for mothers. But with all this, in any case, do not leave the child alone without adult supervision, in order to avoid the risk of falling from them and the occurrence of injuries. And, finally, if you still decide to get a walker for your child, first of all, talk to your doctor.

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