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How to choose the right baby walker

In online stores, buying in the lastTime is increasingly popular among consumers, it is very convenient to order goods, especially to young parents who have so many cares related to caring for their child. However, goods such as baby walkers and strollers for children to choose correctly, still should not be purchased in this way. Better before buying, look at them with your own eyes to check the strength level of the fasteners.

Details that need to be considered when choosing baby walkers.

The basis of the walker.

The base of the walker must be maximallyWide and sustainable. It directly affects the safety of the baby. With a wide base, the possibility of turning the walker is avoided, even when the baby tries to jump off them. On more expensive models of walkers the sides are rubberized. This allows you to soften the impact when colliding with an obstacle.


Great importance in the choice of wheels. They affect the degree of safety and convenience. The diameter of the wheels should be quite large, which affects the stability of the walker and their maneuverability. Preferably choose walkers on rubber wheels that will provide a softer walk than plastic. Wheels should easily turn in all directions.

The seat of the walker.

The seat of the walker is very important. To ensure a comfortable stay in them baby, it must meet the following parameters: - Sufficient seat depth, necessary to avoid the risk of falling out of it; - the material from which the seat is made must be soft but dense.


It is desirable to have a backrest in the walker. Moreover, the back should be stiff and high enough to support the back of the baby, as well as to avoid the danger of tipping back.

The model of walkers deserves special attention,Which the seat is additionally protected by the presence of an internal bumper that protects the baby from injury during a collision or fall. The back of the seat should be easy to remove for washing, as children stain the seat with mixtures, food or juices. In general, doctors do not welcome the practice of feeding children in a walker. A child should not eat at his own playing place. And baby walkers are nothing more than a game for your baby.

Height of the walker.

A good model of walkers must necessarilyAdjustable in height. Adjustment can be carried out by lowering or raising the seat to the desired height. This is necessary to ensure that the child in the walker was able to properly form the musculoskeletal system, did not bend the legs too much, and did not push off with his fingertips in order to avoid the negative consequences of using the walker.


Compactness is the quality that is necessaryWalkers, if the room in which they are stored, is small. Go-carts that can be folded will take up little storage space, and such models can be conveniently moved from place to place. But at the same time pay special attention to the strength of fastening the walkers in the nodes.

Safety of walkers.

Walker models, offered by manufacturers,Have a diverse choice of weight category. For slender children, it is preferable to choose walkers, whose weight is calculated for 10-15 kg, for toddlers of large size, there are models designed for a weight of 15-20 kg. Such information can be learned from the instructions attached to the model.

Additional features.

To date, you can find a hugeA variety of walker models equipped with a variety of optional options. There are models equipped with a removable table top, it can be removed and washed. Also there are walkers with a game or music panel. Choosing, you should focus on your own preferences. The choice should be approached wisely, because acquiring a model with a music panel, the rest in the house will not be a long time.

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