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The first menstruation in girls

Primary menstruation in girls is menarche.

Each teenage girl is peculiar in her own wayPerceive their new state. Given the adolescent maximalism, often at this age they can fall into two extremes. One will begin to rejoice at this event and feel like a matured woman, the other will just be embarrassed by the "delicate" state. The first one will have a sense of pride in his new status, and try to emphasize it in every possible way. She will have a desire to flirt and fascinate anyone and whenever. Sometimes this can happen out of place and not on time. The second is self-flagellation, the search for flaws in its appearance, the presentation of overstated claims. If she finds these fictitious flaws in herself, she will treat them very painfully.

The first girl's menstruation - a kind of irrevocable step into adulthood, reincarnation from a girl to a woman who is able to perform a miracle - to give birth to a baby.

According to statistics, the onset of menarcheCan occur between the ages of eleven and fifteen. Sometimes this interval may slightly shift towards a later or earlier offensive. The reasons for this deviation can be determined by hereditary factors. Sometimes too much thinness can also cause a late onset of menarche. This is explained by the fact that if there is not enough fat tissue and there is a deficit of body weight, then such a female sex hormone, like estrogen, is produced in the body in insufficient quantity. A girl should have about seventeen percent of fat tissue from the total body weight, otherwise the process of preparing her body for menstruation will not start.

However, every mother should keepAnd if you notice a slight deviation from the norm, you should definitely consult a pediatric gynecologist. Only a specialist will be able to determine whether any pathology or puberty period is occurring normally. Do not forget that in order for mother to know about these changes in the body of her daughter, between them, in the first place, should be close emotional contact.

What changes occur in the body of a teenage girl, when the first menstrual period comes?

Undoubtedly, even with the onset of menstruation, up toWomen are still quite far away from the girl, at first she turns into a girl. Shortly before the onset of the first menstrual period, the hormonal background of the child's organism changes, and the female sex hormone (estrogen) begins to develop, which gives rise to the growth and maturation of the external and internal genital organs. In addition, there is a closure of growth zones and ossification of the cartilage. Growth hormone is responsible for weighting, thickening and increase in bone growth. The androgens produced by the adrenal cortex promote normal metabolism, the psyche's resistance to the formation of secondary sexual characteristics (hair growth on the armpits and pubic area) and stressful situations. The growth of mammary glands stimulates the hormone prolactin.

Hormonal changes that occur inOrganism of a teenager, is a kind of preparatory stage for her primary menstruation. The onset of menarche mainly occurs one and a half to two years after the appearance of the first signs of puberty. The starting point is considered to be the moment when growth and swelling of the breasts begin. In very rare cases, this process is delayed up to four years.

Regular menstruation is not established immediatelyAfter the onset of menarche, and after a certain time, basically, this period is one and a half years. This knowledge is very important for a teenage girl. In case she will be noticed any deviations from the period, then it is mandatory to contact a doctor-gynecologist for medical help.

With the onset of menarche, the rules of personal hygiene change, which must be explained to the girl and show, so the mother's help is simply invaluable, because all responsibility rests on her shoulders.

At each girl the period of formation of regularMonthly occurs in different ways. Many, during menstruation, experience rather strong painful sensations, menstrual allocation thus too plentiful. In the event of such a situation, one should not listen to older women who say that after a certain time everything will be settled by itself. This opinion does not always correspond to the truth, sometimes it can even be a harbinger of a serious disease, which entails such consequences as the formation of cysts, infertility, etc.

All such information must be conveyed to the daughtermother. She is responsible for how her young girl will react to the new state (menarche), how she will perceive her first menstruation and all the changes that accompany her. Information is also needed to ensure that, if necessary, the girl would be able to independently determine any deviations from the norm and in time to consult a gynecologist for medical assistance. This will help to preserve the health of a young woman and the ability to give birth to a baby.

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