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Why you need to read fairy tales for children

Undoubtedly, instead of any musical recordsIt will be worth choosing the usual printed, familiar to us publications. So what are the reasons for what you need to read, tell stories at night? Yes it's all that they can in principle become mother's assistants in, perhaps, a difficult upbringing of the child. After all, with the help of this or that story, your children will be able to learn something interesting, new, learn to live in particular correctly, and get rid of their fears. But what are the books worth buying? It should be noted that it is not worthwhile to give preference to too expensive publications. After all, in order to read a certain book, it is not necessary to choose, to buy new covers. Simply when you select it, you will need to pay attention almost one time - to the binding in one case, because A thicker cover will last longer. After all, in order for the child to listen to you attentively, bright pictures are also important.

Order in the house and mind. One of the first reasons to read to children isFairy tales, that reading aloud like this will help to order the world of your child more. After all, the kid will start better and understand what is good, or evil, and where is the line between them. It is worth noting that, for mothers, the situation, in particular those described in the book, seems to be far-fetched. Truly for almost any child, it does not matter whether fact is fiction or a story. The most important thing is that this fairy tale is full of events. In addition, fairy tales are an ideal and perfect alternative to television. Yes, and according to the statement of many child psychologists, today's modern children have become more aggressive, compared with previous generations. The reason for all this is a long, continuous sitting before the existing TV screen. After all, if fairy tales are very much able to develop more positive qualities in a child, this screen only develops apathy and cruelty.

Good manners. Most people know that people do notIs born with good manners. Because they will need to develop in the child. And for this it will be necessary to read, recount to children tales. After all, most people, children and adults will associate themselves with certain fairy-tale heroes. Yes, and the characters set an example for your child, what should be done, and what does not. In addition, children do not really like some of the tales of youth of moms and dads. It is best to choose more modern tales, or stories with such famous, familiar characters as Harry Potter and Peter Pen, or Captain Jack Sparrow. And the fairy tale "Citizen, Citizen and Little Monkey" by one author: Kim Fuks Okeson, will be able to raise the issue of more non-standard children. In particular, in one family, they waited immensely for their child, but instead of him a monkey appeared somehow. And parents are given some opportunity to change this baby. Although they understand that non-standard children are the most expensive, well, or even can become such.

Teach mom. Such correct books would be desirableRead with your child. In addition, reading stories for children will be useful not only for the children themselves, but also for their parents. After all, many magical similar stories teach many mothers and dads to communicate with their beloved child, and to educate him. Some fairy tale, such as "Frog" at Jacob Martin Strid can tell about some hooligans. And the measured life of such a pair of frogs ends with some appearance of a capricious baby. Here the scoundrel is constantly scolded for the following pranks, like the fact that he washes the books with soap and even puts the phone in the oven. And constant quarrels, moralizing lead to this result, that the frog decides to run away from home altogether. After all this, after finding the child, the parents decide to accept all of its shortcomings.

Get rid of fears. Undoubtedly, children, as well as adults, think,Afraid of death. And various horror films can only instill fear into the child. But in fact the child's psyche is not completely formed yet, here and horror can be very dangerous for the child. And to overcome such a fear of death can help such a book by Kim Fuks Okeson, as "How grandfather became a ghost." Here the boy Esben and says that he is supposedly seeing the ghost of his grandfather. And no one believes him. It is worth noting that in the night conversations your child remembers the best moments of life, and such similar conversations with the grandfather can explain to the child that some grief helps to survive only a kind memory of the close people. What does not matter in life.

Develop imagination. It is not necessary to read such a fairy taleCompletely. After all, the middle or the conclusion can be left for later. This is so that the child himself came up with, or tried to compose a sequel. Thus the imagination develops, and the baby learns to express his thoughts aloud better. In the case when you close the book in the middle, in the future you can overcome in the child and fear to talk about your thoughts. In particular, it will be possible to instill in the child the desire to perform on any public.

Improve brain activity. It should be noted that as a result of reading to childrenAloud in the brain are formed by various millions of compounds of neurons. It can be said that brain activity also improves. In addition, reading aloud is also recommended for children with retarded mental development. And before going to bed it will be better to stop on fairy tales with any quiet plot. And besides reading you can play fairy tales. After playing the scenes from the child's favorite fairy tales will help him overcome and shy. In addition, the action can be played not on the stage, but even on the drawing board. Although you can think of something else.

Get rid of whims. As you know, capricious child becomes as inAged 3-4 years, and because of incorrect education. But here fairy tales will help to cope with the most capricious children. So how do you develop a sense of obedience? Yes you can tell him that after some two pages of classics per day will be allowed to play video games. After all, the child will have to develop certain boundaries of his behavior, otherwise he will simply become dissolute.

Undoubtedly fairy tales is a kind of cure for allDiseases. After all, a fairy tale helps both normal and special children who have their own problems. Yes, and the view that hyperactivity in such a teenage age will turn into a gift - just just a delusion. After all, the child's irrepressible energy will have to be restrained. In particular, it should be directed to a certain right track. A great option - to read various books.

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