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Buy a chair for baby feeding

The chair for feeding is made in such a way that the sides on it can prevent the pouring of various liquids. In addition, it can be taken at any time and rinsed.

Types of chairs.

There are many different types of chairs. Some of them: chairs transformers, folding chairs, swing chairs, table chairs, walker chairs, compact chairs, etc.
Folding chairs have large enough dimensionsAnd a large adjustment range. Chairs of the walker are quite cheap compared to other types of chairs. Swing chairs are less functional in their use, but despite the presence of a swing, they occupy not much space in the kitchen. Chairs tables are quite economical. In addition, they can be used not only for feeding the baby. But these chairs do not have a height adjustment function.

Compact chairs are very convenient to use, but for the full safety of the baby they must be attached in addition to the table.


There are also so-called stools booster. They are attached to an adult table. In addition, they are quite cheap and compact. Having grown up, the kid can independently get on a stool and get off it. But such chairs have one minus - attachments to it are not always reliable, so they need to be checked periodically.

High chairs.

High chairs are the most popular nowadays. They are very stable, reliable in their use. As a rule, they are calculated for children up to 3 years old. After this, the child can be transplanted for a large table.

Suspended chairs.

We can not say anything about pendant chairs. They are quite convenient and practical in their use, especially in small kitchens. Such chairs are attached to the table with special clamps. Buying such a chair you need to remember that it is designed for a child weighing not more than 15 kg, which can sit on its own.
Some chairs may also have various additions, such as pens, baskets or toy nets, pockets on the back of the seat.
Do not forget that the chair can beUse not only for feeding. A growing baby can draw and play in it. Manufacturers decorate some models with cute toys and rattles to create a good mood for the child and a great appetite.

How to buy a chair for feeding a baby?

When buying a highchair, you should also pay attention to its details:
1. A table and a tray. Some chairs are removable. The size of the table and the tray does not matter much, but it is best that they are about the same size. Otherwise, either the table or tray will get dirty. Pay attention also to how they are fixed. They should be securely attached to the chair so that your child does not accidentally overturn food on himself or on the floor.
2. Chair back. The more the number of backrest positions (sitting, half-sitting, lying, reclining), the more comfortable the baby will be in it.
3. Material. In general, manufacturers useMaterial for the manufacture of plastic chairs. Sometimes unbreakable, because it is much lighter metal. Although chairs with metal legs usually weigh no more than 5 kg. Some manufacturers produce chairs also from environmentally friendly materials.
4. Lockers located between the legs of the child. It should be well attached to the chair. So you can easily remove the table and move the chair itself to the usual kitchen table, or simply remove it for a while.
5. Belts. They should be five-point with the possibility of regulating the length.
6. Adjusting the footrest. Some models of chairs for feeding have such a function. The child behaves, as a rule, always more relaxed, when his legs stand on the step, rather than hang out.
7. Wheels. Many chairs also have castors. But are such chairs safe? After all, a motionless baby can overturn a chair and fall from it. But if you still decide to buy a table with wheels, remember that the wheels should be 4, not 2.
8. The seat. The chair should have a soft comfortable seat that can be unfastened. Also he must have a seat belt.
9. Height. The chair should be high. The child, sitting on a chair, should sit at such a height as you.
10. Transformation. Manufacturers of chairs make them in the form of transformers. Of these chairs, when your child grows up, you can easily make a desk. This is a good saving money.
11. Design. The chair, according to its design, should like yourto kid. It should be bright and colorful. Before buying a chair, if possible, bring your baby to the store. Let him show what he likes and what does not.

Pay attention, too, to:
• safety of the chair for feeding. It should not swing and has sharp corners. The chair must be stable;
• Comfortable stools. On it the kid should be comfortable to sit, and you should be comfortable to wash and move;
• Folding mechanism. It should be easy and quick;
• availability of a quality certificate.

If you want a chair for feeding a child to serve you for a long time, follow the rules of its operation:
1. Experts recommend using the chair when the child reaches 6 months, so at this age the baby can already sit on his own until it reaches 36 months.
2. Check how well your child fastens your seat belts.
3. Do not leave the child in a chair without adult supervision.
4. Do not place the chair on an inclined or slippery surface.
5. Keep the stool folded out of reach of children.

Remember, when buying a chair for feeding, the main thing is that it is safe and convenient for your baby. Now bravely to the store, because you know how to buy a chair for feeding a child.

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