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Alcohol and breastfeeding

Pregnant women should follow everythingRecommendations of your doctor who oversees pregnancy. And young moms often ask not specialists, but such as they or experienced moms. Since everyone knows what position the official medicine takes: feeding or alcohol. If you read the articles of specialists, then a glass of wine at the holiday is equated with maternal alcoholism. Good mothers have a sense of guilt, and women who are addicted to alcoholism are simply useless to explain anything.

Alcohol and feeding.

In women who have the characteristics of an exchangeSubstances, and a small body weight of alcohol is rapidly absorbed and slowly excreted. In the mammary gland will be present 10% of the amount of alcohol that is in the blood. If a woman drank 0.33 liters of beer, then after twenty minutes the alcohol is not absorbed and has not yet reached the intestine. If alcohol is consumed after a woman has dinely supped, after 40 minutes alcohol will appear in the blood. Therefore, when it was 20 minutes after a glass of beer to feed the baby is dangerous. Already further alcohol spreads through the body and enters the blood, and 10% of the contents of alcohol in the blood is contained in the mother's milk.

The concentration of alcohol in breast milk does not dependWhether the milk is expressed or not. When the alcohol in the mother's blood is neutralized, its concentration in the milk will drop. This will happen after absorption in 2.5 hours. Three hours after taking 150 ml of wine or a glass of beer, there will be no alcohol present in breast milk. If you take 2 glasses of strong wine, they will be eliminated from the body only after 6 hours. And from the mother's body, which weighs less than 55 kilograms, is thin, then alcohol will be excreted even longer.

To make the holiday glass safe, the woman must remember:

  1. Take into account the age of the baby. Children under three months are very sensitive to alcohol.
  2. Take into account your weight. The more weight a person has, the faster the body will process alcohol.
  3. Strong alcohol is much more absorbed and withdrawn.
  4. Shortly before drinking or after, you need to feed the baby.
  5. I must prepare a little of the expressed milk in advance, if the baby requires that he is fed more often and he is very small.
  6. To know about the "safe" daily or weekly dose is 40 ml of cognac, 150 ml of dry wine or 0.30 liters of beer. But do not use it all together.

Is breastfeeding compatible and maternal alcoholism?
Good mothers are among women who sufferFrom alcoholic dependence. These women are sometimes able during pregnancy and when breastfeeding stop drinking alcohol. For them it is recommended not to take a single gram of alcohol. If they use homeopathic drops "from the flu" to alcohol, this will lead to the fact that they will have an uncontrollable craving for alcohol. Therefore, it is important for these women not to drink alcohol, but also to refrain from visiting places where it is used.

Some women are breastfeeding and maternityHelps to get rid of alcohol dependence. And most of all helps understanding of relatives and support of relatives. The pleasure from feeding, a spiritual conversation with the husband, hugs with the baby, a soft sweet drink, a delicious dish, a massage and a warm bath - these small pleasures will help a woman overcome her craving for alcohol. In mothers who suffer from alcoholism, children have many problems in adulthood, develop slowly, have a small weight. This can be other reasons that accompany alcoholism - abandonment of the child, lack of milk from the mother, rare feeding.

There are 2 prohibitions for mothers who are prone to uncontrolled drinking:

  1. You can not breast-feed your baby in a stateStrong alcohol intoxication. If the alcohol makes your mother dizzy, sick, drowsiness, then the same symptoms are observed in the baby who was breastfed.
  2. After drinking a lot of alcohol or other soothing, chemical, hypnotic substances, you can not take your child to bed with you.

Does beer affect the amount of milk?
Beer does not increase milk intake in any way. Many mothers experience a feeling of bursting and a tidal wave in the mammary glands when taking beer. What is really happening?

How paradoxical it sounds, but beer onA certain time delays in the tissues of fluid, which leads to swelling and widening of the veins. Alcohol reduces sensitivity to oxytocin, it is produced by the breastfeeding mothers in response to suckling of the baby. Because of this hormone, milk from the breast tissue is secreted. Without this hormone, most of the milk would not be able to leave the breast. Experts have noticed that if mothers consume beer, babies suck breast more often, and milk is sucked much less. Therefore, that part of the milk, which is left in the chest and causes chest overflow. An infant with a full breast receives less milk from her mother.

Breastfeeding and alcohol are incompatible and the bestA means to improve lactation is the frequent application of the baby to the breast in the right position and a positive mood. Therefore, those who do not like beer, can not force themselves to drink beer and relax. And if someone loves, then you need to admit to yourself that you are drinking it for your own pleasure. And if you are going to give yourself pleasure, you need to do it competently so that you can not hurt either your beloved or yourself.

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