/ How to choose a haircut for a child

How to choose a haircut for a child

Features of children's haircuts.

If the boys are moreQuiet, then the girls dream after a visit to the stylist to become just princesses from a fairy tale, and stay in this form for as long as possible. Of course, this is often difficult. Constant haste, fees in kindergarten or school leave little time for delicious styling. In addition, it is not very useful for children's hair. The best option, if in the morning the child will need only to comb the hair. Therefore, the first criterion for choosing a haircut for a child is its simplicity and convenience in everyday life. And certainly it is not necessary to do to children hairdos with oblique cheeks, closing eyes or multi-colored strands, causing perplexity of numerous teachers. Assimetry is generally not welcome in children's images, and even more so if it contributes to poor eyesight.

Naturalness and safety.

How to choose a haircut for a child and what kind ofShould take into account the features? Naturalness and safety is the second fundamental principle of choosing a child's haircut. Haircut in children should be as simple as possible, unobtrusive and stylish. Do not get carried away by older models, they spoil the look and often look very vulgar.

Boys and girls.

Boys always come short classicalHaircuts, as well as their sports variations, but it is not necessary without the need to cut the child too short. It should be borne in mind that before the summer season it is best to do haircut with an open neck - so the baby will sweat less. For girls to choose a haircut will help magazines: the cuts of the car of different lengths, cascades or sessun, with smooth lines will do.
Children, especially the elderly, not less thanDemanding of their external image than adults. They want to look modern, fashionable and very like the famous beautiful people. The task of the parents is to find mutual understanding and convince the child to make the right choice, but to do it subtly and unobtrusively.

Type of face.

If the child has chosen a hairstyle, and heAgrees to a haircut and is ready to listen to your recommendations, then it's time to move on to choosing a hairstyle based on the type of person. Determine the type of face of your child is not difficult, for children it will even be fun. To do this, bring the child to the mirror and, removing the hair under the rim, paint on the mirror the face of the face with any cosmetic pencil. Before you - the type of your child's face. If this pattern resembles an oval, then the haircut is not a problem, because almost any haircut is suitable for a child. This is a universal type of person who will transfer any experiments, such beauty is not able to spoil even the eccentric approach to the choice of the image. Strongly elongated oval will also perceive any haircut, however, it is necessary to have a bang. It will visually shorten the face and make it more pleasant. If the picture on the glass is closer to the circle, then this is a round type of face. To improve the perception of this type, you can recommend haircuts of the middle din. Boys suitable elongated haircuts. Girls can be offered stepped cascades, but not with a strong volume. And both need to thin the bangs, otherwise this haircut will look very cumbersome. Such individuals do not have medium-length curls, so if the child has curly hair, trim them either as shortly as possible or leave a longer length. If the shape of the face is close to a triangle, then in this case, cascade haircuts, giving an additional volume.

The type of hair, their thickness.

The next parameter to be determinedBefore choosing a haircut - the type of hair, their thickness. Take a closer look at your child's hair. If they are thin and light, then do not expect that the haircut will keep the shape for a long time. For such hair, the hair length for both girls and boys should be moderate, preferably of a structural shape. This will give the hair extra volume. Hair of medium thickness is suitable for any haircuts, most often they keep the shape well. But the thick hair is very wayward and stubborn. Forcing them to take a different form will not be able to any haircut. Therefore, when choosing an image for your child, push away from convenience. The most optimal in this case is a cascading haircut.
Next, you should carefully look at howYour child's hair grows, there are vortices in the bangs or behind. Usually, these stubborn strands can not be calmed down, so keep in mind that the owners of the head will never be able to walk with an even bang without additional efforts to lay it.

Recommendations of hairdressers.

So, you made a decision and went tohairdresser's or salon. Do not rush to convince the stylist that you have chosen the only correct image. Listen to his recommendations. Experienced hairdressers and stylists are able to quickly determine the best option for haircuts. Best of all, if you express your wishes, consult and make a joint decision that suits you both. Do not forget the wishes of the child, but you do not need to go with him.
It is worth to be very careful not only tochoosing a haircut, but also searching for your stylist or hairdresser. Children are very sensitive, especially at a younger age. It may well be that the child is frightened by a terrible uncle or an angry aunt with scissors in her hands. Therefore, find an experienced master who will find a common language with the child, will be able to talk, interest and persuade him to sit still during the whole process of haircuts. The children are so impatient, but in fact, the quality of the work depends on their perseverance in this case. Children up to two years of age need the constant presence of parents. If there is a need, hold the child by the hand, calm him and tell him that he will become very beautiful with a new haircut. Perhaps, at first it will be better if you invite a hairdresser to the house. So the situation will be more comfortable and will not frighten the child.

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