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Tips for a child psychologist: how to cope with hysteria

Every adult in his lifeHysterics of the child kind. In this situation, especially with outsiders, you can easily get lost and lose control of yourself. Sometimes even the best moms are at a dead end before the hysteria of their baby. In such situations, the best way to think about the causes of a nervous breakdown of a child. For example, a child sometimes does not have enough of your attention, and he struggles to win it in this way.
Children begin to be capricious at the age of 1 year. This is due to the fact that at this age the child lives only with his needs and desires. But such a habit can gain a foothold in the nature of the child and be passed on into adulthood.
How to behave and cope with the hysterics of the baby?

  1. If a hysterics revives, the most important thing is not to panic. After all, it is a sign that the child begins to grow up, as it can express thoughts and desire.
  2. Sometimes a child tries to manipulate you andGet everything he wants. Disabling manipulation is easy enough, just watch your child. Pay attention to how he cries and what helps him to calm down. If you understand that the child is trying to manipulate you, let's make it clear to him that you do not approve of his actions.
  3. You can take the baby in your arms, hold him tightly and wait for the baby to calm down, expressing his sympathy, preferably with a single, often repeating phrase.
  4. Try also to talk more often with the child about his mood and desires, interests and responsibilities.

The advice of a psychologist is as follows: To fight the hysteria of our kids, first we need to understand their nature. The main cause of childhood irritation is fatigue, poor health, anticipation of something, unfulfilling desire, fear, desire to influence adults.
The prerequisites of children's tantrums in most casesCan be recognized immediately. For example, if a child is hungry, then you should not take it with you to the grocery store. After all, there he, most likely, wants something tasty.
Psychologists distinguish two types of hysterics:
1) Hysterics of character. In this case, the child tries to show all his negative traits. The purpose of such hysteria is to defuse the emotional stress that has developed. The need for sleep, food, physical relaxation or just an excited state can also cause these tantrums.
2) Manipulative hysterics. Its purpose is to try to control other people. Such hysteria begins at the kid when he receives a refusal: he wants to play with a toy with which another child is already playing; He wants to dance on the carpet in the living room and at the same time drink orange juice; He wants to paint the walls with felt-tip pens. In this case, the breathing space may be useful. The essence of it is to remove the child in a quiet safe place, where he can stay away from people.
Let's look at some examples from life.
Let's imagine some specificSituation. For example, your child, being in public transport, your child wanted to eat ice cream. You did not allow him to do this and your baby got hysterical.
Psychologists advise in such situations:

  • Do not pay attention to the intrusive looks of foreign passengers and panic. After all, every one faced with similar situations and can understand you.
  • Demonstratively before the child to get rid ofThe causative agent of hysteria. For example, throw ice cream out of the window or hide in a bag. At the same time, it is necessary to tell the baby that if he does not cease to be capricious, he will never again get ice cream.
  • You can also calmly put the ice cream in a bag and quietly in your ear to tell the child that you can not wait until you come home and eat together a tasty and sweet ice cream.
  • If the above methods do not help,Psychologists advise not to pay attention to children's whims and act on the principle of "scream and calm down." Many mothers in their own experience became convinced of the operation of this method.

Another example - a child insists on drinking orange juice in the living room. Since you do not want him to get a new carpet dirty, offer him a choice:

  • Frozen juice
  • Drink juice in the kitchen
  • Drink water in the living room

Psychologists singled out several rules for combating children's nervous breakdowns.

  1. First, do not take a child's hysterics. You need to let him know that you do not like his behavior, and you do not approve of his actions.
  2. Secondly, do not exclude the possibility of isolating the child. He must be taken to some quiet place where he can calm down.
  3. Third, try to teach the child to express their feelings, including in negative, more acceptable ways.
  4. Fourth, be consistent in your actions.

Do not forget that the child is the same person,Like us, with our desires and principles. And he, too, has the right to be angry and upset in certain situations. But if they are seized by negative emotions, try to show respect and patience to the baby.

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