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Treatment of burns in children with folk remedies

Dangers are everywhere.

The most dangerous place for a curious child isA cooker on which soups and cereals are constantly boiled and boiled. He, of course, wants to look at all this and he can grab for the hot plate or the handle of the pan and turn over the boiling contents. Also a dangerous object is the iron.

First aid in case of burns in children.

If this happens, the adult must immediately react and take action, rather than panic and for a long time come to himself.

Your first action is to free from clothingBurned skin of the child. Afterwards, act on the burn site. The most effective and affordable folk remedy is fresh urine, which has a healing effect. It should moisten the sore spot. Another effective method is to pour cold water on the child's burned body. After dousing the burn, you need to oil the sore spot with vegetable oil and sprinkle it with soda.

When you provided first aid, you need to evaluateDegree of burn. If large enough bubbles have appeared on the burned area of ​​the body, then it is necessary to take the child to the hospital or burn center where these blisters will open and treat the wounds.

Further actions.

After first aid is needed, someTime to process the wound. Treatment of burns can also, like first aid, be carried out with folk remedies. To the damaged place, apply a gruel from onion wrapped in gauze, cold shabby carrot or pumpkin, cool finely chopped potatoes.

If bubbles appear, it is necessary to closeA place of burns so that air does not penetrate. In this case, egg white will help. It should be beaten by adding 2 tablespoons of olive oil, the resulting mass is applied to gauze and applied to the damaged skin area. You can simply lubricate the burn with whipped egg whites, make compresses from sunflower oil.

The process of treating burns in young children is very problematic, because some folk methods are not suitable.

Signs of infection.

If blisters appeared on the burn site, insideWhich is serous fluid - watery, yellowish-transparent color, then there is no cause for concern. But if, from the blister, pus follows - a thick viscous liquid, yellow-green color, it means that the wound has got an infection and the continuation of the treatment of the burn should be under the supervision of the doctor. A red rim is formed around the blister. If it becomes wider and visibly rises above the skin and, moreover, purulent discharge appears - these are signs that the burn has become infected. Then you need to go to the burn center to handle such a wound.

To avoid infection.

To avoid infection, you need a sick siteSkin the next day after the burn, treat with alcohol or tinctures of calendula and arnica, then lubricate with ointment of calendula. It is still good to use such ointments as "Rescuer", "Traumel C", "Doctor Nona". If blisters are formed, it is necessary to carefully remove them, cutting off the broken skin with scissors. Next, you need to disinfect the wound and apply the ointment.

It turns out that the ointment itself attracts germs. Over time, when the wound will heal and get wet, from the infection use a crushed streptocide. Preliminarily treated with alcohol tincture, the wound should be smeared with ointment and streptocide should be covered with a burn.

Additional funds.

Immediately after the burn, it is necessary to give the baby"Travomogran" or "Traumel C". These drugs in the first days after receiving the injury the child should be taken 5-6 times a day, and during the healing process can be taken 1-2 times a day. Medications should be taken within a week after receiving a burn.

The food of the child should be easy and easily digestible. In his diet should be a lot of protein: vegetable and animal, especially this is important for extensive burns.

Kinds of burns.

There are two types of burns - thermal and chemical. When a chemical burn is obtained, the burned area of ​​the skin should be rinsed with clean water, then treated as if it were a thermal burn.

There are four degrees of burns: 1 degree is determined by reddening of the skin, 2 degree is characterized by blistering, 3 degree is necrosis of the skin, 4 degree, the heaviest, is charring of tissues. Burns 1 and 2 degrees in children can be treated with folk methods.

Physical factor.

If the child is burned by fire,It takes 2-3 minutes to hold the burned area of ​​the skin under a stream of warm water with a temperature of 38-40 ° or apply a bath with the same water. If the burn is obtained from hot water or boiling water, the damaged place should be held near the battery or heater.


To treat burns, you can use essential oilLavender. You need to make a lotion: apply a bit of oil on the bandage and cover the wound. Gadgets should be changed after 2-3 hours. Essential oils have bactericidal and antiseptic properties, so it helps to heal burns. In addition to lavender oil, other essential oils also possess a healing property: sage, fir, eucalyptus, geranium, rosemary. But you need to keep in mind that in pure form they can not be used, it should be in 5-10 ml of vegetable oil to add a drop of essential oil.


When treating burns in a child, it helpsphytotherapy. You can put a thin film of the bulb on the burned skin area and tie it with a gauze bandage. It is good to lubricate the burns with the herb of St. John's wort or yarrow, after having rastered the grass. You can lubricate the wound with a means of vegetable oil and marigold in a proportion of 10: 1. Calendula also has a healing effect.

Compresses made from aloe are also effective. It is necessary to squeeze out the juice from the aloe leaf, soak the bandage and apply it to the burned skin area.

It is good to use in the treatment of burns oilCompresses. They form a film that protects the wound from the penetration of microbes and infection, and due to bactericidal properties of plants, the skin quickly heals.

When choosing the treatment of burns of different degrees in a child in popular ways, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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