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Dry scalp in the child

Seborrheic crusts

The most common cause of dry scalp isSeborrheic crust. It appears on the baby's head a couple of weeks after birth in the form of a cluster of yellowish-whitish scales. Doctors clearly explain their appearance can not. Probably, this is one of the stages of adaptation of the organism to extrauterine life. Seborrheic crusts cover the pores of the scalp, interfere with the circulation of moisture and air. As a result - dry scalp, slowing hair growth and unpleasant itching. Skin problems can even lead to baldness. To avoid these problems, follow these recommendations:

  • Before bathing it is necessary to rub baby oil into the scalp, it softens the scales and moisturizes the skin.
  • Wear a cotton cap for a while.
  • Softened scales carefully remove the comb with frequent denticles.
  • If there are no contraindications, wash the baby's head.
  • In no case can not comb the dry crust. You can severely injure the tender scalp in a child.


At kids on a head there can be bald head. They indicate disturbances in the metabolic processes of the scalp. Because of these violations and lack of protective cover, the skin dries up. Knowing the reasons for bald patches, they can be effectively combated:

  • Hair is abraded when the baby always lies in one position (on one side, on the back). To prevent this from happening, shift the child periodically in bed, changing the legs and head.
  • When a round bald patch appears on the back of the head, itMay be a symptom of the initial stages of rickets. In order to avoid complications, it is necessary to timely enter quality drugs of vitamin D (if prescribed by a doctor).
  • Complete baldness in children is extremely rare. Its cause can be fungal infection, stress, severe dysbiosis, hormonal imbalance.

Washing head

Frequent washing of the head causes drynessScalp, even in adults. What can I say about the kids! Dermatologists do not recommend children to wash their hair with shampoo for up to six months. Lipid film, which protects the scalp and hair, in children is very thin. It is easy to destroy by any detergent. Even the most "sparing". And without a lipid film, moisture quickly evaporates from the inner layers of the skin. There are microcracks, which can penetrate the infection or fungus. Therefore, it is necessary to wash your baby's head with a simple warm water, detached from bleach. During bathing it is useful to massage the head slightly with a bathing mitten. A single use of baby shampoo is allowed only when a small child is heavily soiled.

Children older than a year can be washed with a child's headShampoo not more than 1-2 times a week. Choose a shampoo that does not contain oil products, especially sodium lauryl sulfate. Before using the shampoo, moisten the child's hair with warm water. Let it a little poplyuhaetsya in the bath. During this time, the scalp will swell from the water and will not let in the chemical compounds of the shampoo. Then squeeze quite a bit of baby shampoo with a neutral pH on your palm and dilute it approximately 2/3 with water. Shampoo should only be applied to the roots of the hair. This will help to use less shampoo. And the ends of the hair will be cleansed with foam, which drains from the head during rinsing. For a couple of minutes, gently massage your scalp and hair with your fingertips. In the end, rinse abundantly with water. From shampoo should not even a hint! Otherwise, the scalp will shrink and quickly dry out.

Many parents are so happy with pure shinyBaby hair that can even use additional care products, such as air conditioners. So, it is better not to use them. In them, at least in a minimal amount, but there are aggressive chemical components. To make the hair better combed and shone, you can use an old remedy: just rinse the child's hair with water with the addition of lemon juice (per liter of water half a lemon). Take care that the lemon water does not get into your eyes!

To the scalp after washing did not become dry, theirMust be properly dried. Hair gently blot with a towel and let them dry naturally - in the air. Young children can not dry their hair. When the hair is dry, they can already be combed. Never comb wet hair with your children. Hair from water swells and becomes heavier. And they are pulled out under the weight of their own weight when combed.

Shave the head for children

There is a strong opinion that approximatelyYear of the child must be shaved. Ostensibly from this, hair grows better. In fact, it's a myth. Neither the amount nor the quality of hair shaving under the zero does not affect. But on the scalp affects greatly - and not for the better. First, the skin is injured. Secondly, it becomes drier, as there is no hair protecting from the ultraviolet radiation of the Sun. Thirdly, hair follicles are damaged. In addition, the procedure of children is very frightening. To hair grow better and look beautiful, they are enough to cut several times a month for a few millimeters.

Head and hair care

An excellent means of skin and hair careIs massage. Light head massage stimulates blood circulation, improving skin nutrition. He also promotes the development of hair follicles, thereby activating the growth of hair. Just the bristles exfoliate the dead cells. Even if the baby's hair is still very short and thin, they are still recommended to be combed with a child's brush with soft bristles.

When the hair grows up, a comb needs to beUse with short denticles. Best of all, when the denticles end in small balls. First, the balls do not hurt the skin. And secondly, act as a massager. The less often the hair, the more often the teeth of the crest should be located.

Hair begins to brush from the tips,Untangling them. And only then they comb the entire strand. Do not rush, do not push the comb with force. Otherwise, the scalp and the structure of the hair are damaged. If the child wears hair for parting, periodically it is necessary to change its direction.

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