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Maternal feeling and maternal love

Baby was born.
After the baby was born, mother -The most essential thing for him. Therefore, it should always be close - 24 hours a day. When you are constantly next to someone, you recognize him, you get used to it. Therefore, it is now that mom and baby are getting closer.

The second child is a repetition of the passed.
When there is a desire to have a second child,There are also experiences, no less serious, than in the case of the first pregnancy. After all, the family has already established roles that will have to change. Parents of the firstborn are afraid that another child will not have enough love for them or they will love it less. And it is only necessary to understand that there will be no less love, it will just be a bit different.
The most interesting is that, despite the fact that everythingYou already passed, in case of pregnancy, the second child returns feelings, and returns the abstract image that you have already encountered. Because how can you imagine that life is again born in you, if the first child has become a real being for a long time, to which you are accustomed.

Complex of guilt.
And so, now the main thing is not to let the feeling developGuilt. Sometimes a woman without objective reasons begins to feel like a traitor who deprives her first child of care and attention for the sake of another. It is interesting that the first child is quite positive about the appearance of another small or small one. Especially if you explain to the first child that when a brother or sister appears, the mother will not cease to love him. If you instill in your first child this important thought, then from the feelings of guilt before him you can get rid of.

Psychological training.
It will be just about preparing the first child. Tell him about the appearance of a new member of the family should be as early as possible. It is possible from the moment you learned about pregnancy. Be sure to tell the child that he was born very small and helpless, but now has grown. This will make you feel his pride. Show also how much it means to you. Explain that when a new baby appears, he will also be small and helpless, so Mom and Dad will need him. But that this will not prevent them from loving the first child as much.

Newborn in the house.
The old rhythm of the life of the first child, of course,Will change. And still you need to try to spend with him as much time as possible so that he does not feel deprived. If he is old enough, ask him to help take care of the baby.
Try to play together, read, listen to music. Thanks to this, you will be next to the first child, but it will be useful for the newborn as well. In addition, the older child at this time will be able to observe the younger, study it, get used to it, without feeling a drop of rivalry. Moreover, watching as you are gentle and affectionate with the baby, the older child learns how to manifest his feelings. If there is not enough time for everything, ask relatives or friends sometimes to help with housework, if there is such an opportunity.
However, leaving children with someone else is not worth it, because everyone in the family should get used to new roles.

Maternal instinct.
Mother's feelings, experienced by the mother toChild, this is an emotional connection, felt on an intuitive level. This means that the mother recognizes the signals that her baby feeds, when for others they are not clear. She feels when he needs something, when he does not feel well, etc. However, motherly love and feeling will not wake up by itself, it needs to be awakened, and this takes time, as to find out a stranger. Emotional communication is most quickly established during breastfeeding.

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