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Useful gifts for children

Gifts for children.

A holiday for a child is like a fairy tale, especiallyIf it's New Year or Christmas. He is looking forward to this day, because everything around is changing noticeably. On the streets, garlands and lanterns shine, all around is bright and colorful. Everything is decorated with toys, and other ornaments. In the room there is a pleasant smell of frosty freshness, the house is full of all delicacies. All around the magic fuss, everything looks very beautiful and very unusual.

But for most children, the long-awaited -Tree. It is very interesting for every child, the children are very curious to watch the children dance around the green tree. Children in a special way watching the tree, they are looking from the very top and down to the decorated spruce. The tree is considered a spiritual object for children. It seems to them to be some kind of living thing that is able to speak and move. Children expect the New Year like no other, for them, spruce is associated with the subject under which New Year presents are kept. Even if your baby does not believe in Santa Claus, he always believes in New Year's miracles. Even though the child knows all his bad deeds and behavior, he knows and believes in New Year's magic, and finally gets his long-awaited gift. Surely, you very often noticed that children order themselves presents long before the New Year. Sometimes they write letters to Santa Claus, someone just writes letters, and then hides them under the pillow, and someone gives them to their parents or hides them under the tree.

If the child has ordered a gift, then this isThe most important gift for him, and try not to upset the baby, because in this way you will deprive him of the long-awaited miracle. Even if the parents do not really like this gift, try to purchase it and give it to your child, because he needs him. Perhaps, this gift for the child is very necessary, in order to raise its status among peers. But such a gift will not delay his attention for a long time, although it is very important for him now.

Useful gifts are quite diverse. You can give the child some necessary thing. The most important criterion in choosing a gift for a child is its need. But this is only for parents, this does not apply to children. In order for the child to be interested in the gift you have chosen, attach it to the most basic gift that he ordered in advance.

Useful tale.

One of the useful gifts are fairy tales. A book with folk tales is especially useful. Each child will appreciate this book, and will react positively to it. Most of all children like it when parents read this book. Fairy tales perfectly influence the development of children. They contribute to the development of thinking, imagination, memory, and other cognitive processes. Folk tales will allow the child to understand what is good and what is evil. What can and can not be done. Fairy tales are an attempt of children to assess any life situations, to look at the situation from the point of view of morality.

The more a child learns a fairy-tale world, theThe more he learns to fantasize. Because children have a rich imagination, and reading fairy tales, they imagine all the characters, heroes, all the events that take place. Together with the heroes of the fairy tale, the kid experiences all situations and problems, together with them he participates in adventures.

Educational toys for the child.

The best gift, perhaps, can beA soft toy that consists of different textures. After all, children need to constantly touch something, it touches everything that is in its environment, and thus it knows the world. Excellent acting on the child's toys from rough surfaces, from smooth or slippery. They will allow you to acquire sensitivity to the child. The toy must be safe. You can invent a toy yourself, at home, using various pieces of fabric. If your children are older, then you can give them a mosaic or a puzzle. Such games perfectly develop thinking. You can also give a designer. Such games are very useful for the child. You can give your child even boxing gloves, there's nothing to worry about. After all, with the help of them, and a boxing pear, the child can perfectly splash out all negative emotions, aggression and anger. But hang a pear in a place so that it does not interfere with anyone else, but for the child was always available.

Parents in the game.

If you gave a child a gift,Play with it with this toy or in this game. You can arrange contests, which of you will come up with the most pictures, or who will fold faster puzzle. Surrender to the child so that he feels joy in victory over you. After all, children are very fond of competing and winning. Useful for children gifts are very diverse. You need to allocate a day to find the right gift, and take into account the tastes and interests of the child, when buying a gift.

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