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If a child beats his mother

What to do?

This recipe is not universal, but in the case when the child checks the boundaries of what is allowed, this is quite enough.

1. Immediately after you hit a child it is important to tell him that you are very hurt, and you no longer want him to beat you.

2. If, however, a stroke is repeated, try to intercept his hand.

3. If the child is at the moment on his hands, then after the second attempt, you need to get him out of hand, accompanying it with words that such treatment is unpleasant to you, and you will not communicate on such terms. Thus, to words we attach actions that demonstrate the essence of the words spoken.

4. If the child has begun to cry, you can immediately take it in your arms and regret it. Because our task is not to humiliate and punish, but to explain. A child can really upset an unexpected descent from the hands.

5. If, after you again take the child in your arms, the blow is repeated, again take it off your hands, and also explain as calmly as possible what does not suit you specifically. To do this, it is important to find the right words to make it clear and accurate that the child is not bad, and his behavior is unacceptable.

6. Naturally, after the second attempt, you do not take hands immediately. But even before hysteria, too, do not need to bring. Next time you can take it by hand, holding the baby's handle lightly.

7. If the toddler is not on his hands, it is also very important, accompanying the words by actions to distance themselves. For example, if you played together, stop this game, if the child ran up and hit, then you should leave this room.

8. If a child beats a mom or dad in the presence of friends or other family members, it is very important that they do not interfere in this situation, or support the pope or mother. In this case, you need to regret the victim, ignoring completely the offender. To the child, such an example demonstrates that such behavior is not the most successful way to attract attention to itself, and, most importantly, that this method does not work.

9. Consistency is important in all these activities. That is, if you can not beat your mother, then you can not in the evening, not in the morning, or on a visit, or on the street, and in general in any situation. In order to solve this problem, as a rule, it takes 2-3 weeks.

Parental errors, when trying to cope with such behavior of the child:

1. "Give the change" in response to spank or slap on the arm. This action on your part is wrong. Because children copy their parents' behavior. And by this action you show the baby that with the help of a blow, you can express your displeasure and this is an acceptable way. Therefore, stick to what you can not kid, you can not and parents.

2. "To pretend to be crying" is a performance. We will not touch the very fact of mother's deceit, but the fact that Mom depicts something is in itself "entertainment." Especially for a child in a year and a half. And therefore, there is a risk that the child will continue to repeat his actions to see his mother's "performance."

3. The same goes for the howling of pain, screaming, etc. If your kid is not frightened, then he can perceive what is happening as a "performance." And, it's very possible that he will want to repeat it again.

4. Shame. How ashamed you are ... Shame is a measure of social, which, for educational purposes, if effective, then much later. This is just a word for kids.

At the very beginning of the article it was written that oftenSuch behavior is a check of boundaries. Of course, this is the case if the child in the family does not see such treatment. And if he himself is beaten, or one parent raises his hand to another, then in this case it is necessary to begin to change the situation with ourselves.

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