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If the child sluggishly sucks his chest

It is not difficult to solve the problem. First of all, Should learn to recognize how child is hungry. As a rule, if the child wants to eat, he willActively suck the breast until it receives the required amount of milk. Usually for 15-20 minutes the child gorges, sluggishly sucks milk and falls asleep. If you notice this, you can stop feeding.

The child sucks his chest and falls asleep

But this is the manner of a typical child. Do not forget that since birth every child is individual, and each is saturated in its own way. Some are concentrating and actively sucking their breasts, others are in a hurry and choking. Such children, as a rule, fall asleep not right after feeding. They need a little walk and chat with mom. Others, on the contrary, eat sluggishly, and sometimes at all Fall asleep during feeding, Making weak sucking movements and not letting go of the chest. The process of feeding such babies should be monitored.

  • First, increase the feeding time by ten minutes so that the baby is properly fed.
  • If you notice that he has fallen asleep again, gently tear it on the cheek to cause a sucking reflex and continue feeding.
  • If your child is healthy, not accustomed to a dummy and does not drink water, then do not worry about such behavior.

If the baby is concerned about something, then in the intervals between the feedings, he may want to eat. Do not refuse him, but do not insist - in suchSituations often lack a few sips. But remember that in the presence of such "snacks" the child does not have time to get hungry by the time of the main feeding, so, most likely, it will not be very active to suck the breast.

Quite often, young mothers are faced with the fact that The child still does not know how to take the breast Properly and sucks a little milk. In this case, check for a week the frequency of urination of the baby. If it is normal, then do not worry.

There are cases when The child is lazy to suck his breast. Most often this happens because of the weakFlow of milk. But you can cope with this problem. To strengthen the current of milk, from the fifth to the sixth day it is recommended to take a thistle or fenugreek 3 capsules or as a tincture of 20 drops three times a day.

Sluggish sucking at an older age At observance of a mode of feeding and the standardized emiction, can testify about individual features of the child.

Usually, infants suck milk immediately after itTide to the chest, and for this they do not require much effort. It is at this time that they receive fat mother's milk, which is emitted by drops. Gradually the milk production will be adjusted to the needs of your baby. If the breast becomes softer and the baby sucks it sluggishly - do not worry, he eats as much as he needs.

It is worth turning to the pediatrician if A child often releases a nipple, sucks a little and falls asleep. The cause may be a runny nose that does not giveBreathe during feeding, and falls asleep for a short time the child from fatigue, remaining hungry. In this case, you will be prescribed treatment, as well as you can supplement the baby with expressed milk.

Also, if you feel that Baby sucks less milk, And he does not giggle, consult a pediatrician. Together, you solve this problem.

The process of feeding will gradually improve. The main thing is to love your baby and keep a close eye on his state of health.

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