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How much to walk with an infant

How many to walk with newborns?

You can walk with your child on the tenth day afterExtracts from the hospital. The walk time should gradually increase. Start with 15-20 minutes of stay in the open air, and the next day you can walk twice for half an hour.

At the age of one month the child must conductIn the open air most of the day. And the baby is completely indifferent, there will be walks in the courtyard or the carriage will just stand on the balcony. If the household is not busy, the stroller can always be left on the balcony or the loggia. If you live in a private home, you can choose a safe place in the yard. But in all cases, the child must certainly be in your field of vision.

In general, the question of how long it takes to walk withAn unambiguous answer does not exist. It is worth considering the child's health and weather conditions. In good weather with a healthy child, who, moreover, quietly falls asleep on the street, you can walk for a long time. Clothing for a walk should be properly matched for the season, so that the child is comfortable. And be sure to carefully monitor his state of health.

Walks in the winter.

Of course, even in the cold season, neglectWalks can not. To regularly walk with the baby in the cold, it is enough to know a simple rule: for each month of the child add -5 degrees. For example, in 1-2 months you can walk with a baby at a temperature of -5 degrees. And in 3-4 months the optimal temperature for a winter walk is -10 degrees. But remember that in the winter to keep kids on the street for too long is not worth it. If there is no wind, your child is properly dressed and healthy, then the walk time can be up to an hour and a half. Importantly, the child's well-being - if the skin is warm and not sweated, the baby does not cry, you can walk a little more. The most common problem during winter walks, oddly enough, is overheating, so do not forget to follow it.

The fact that the child is frozen, testifiesPale skin, he also begins to cry and move. In this case, take the child in his arms, pressing him to him and warming the warmth of his body. The older child should run to keep warm. And only then you can finish the walk and go home.

Walks in the summer.

In summer, too, should monitor the state of the child. There is an opinion that at this time of year, the kids can walk as long as they want, for the whole day, but there are also their own rules.

If there is heavy rain, wind, orTemperature of 40 degrees, it is better to sit at home. In the rest of the time with the child you can safely walk, even if the weather is cloudy or there are small precipitations. The main thing is to properly dress it, to protect it from rain, wind and hot sun rays.

When overheating, the child usually asks for a drink. Take off his clothes, leaving only a minimum, and give him water, juice or mors. If it's a baby - wipe it with a wet diaper, and bathe the older child in cool water.

Another question that worries mom is whether you can walk withSick child? If there is no infection, bed rest is not appointed and body temperature is normal, then a walk will only benefit. Take a walk for at least half an hour, even if you are on a sick leave.

Fresh air is necessary for children. Walks assist in the proper operation of all systems and organs of the body, including the brain. Active games and physical activities normalize cardiac activity and strengthen immunity.

Regular walks with the child temper the growing organism and adapt it to the environment in the best possible way. Be healthy!

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