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Computer and preschool child

Should I buy a computer for my child?

Preschool children "sit down" onThe computer is very fast. Is it worth resisting the child's desire to join in with progress? Should I go on about it? Some parents generally prefer to get rid of the computer immediately after the birth of the child. Thus, they try to remove the apple of discord and protect the child from possible temptations. But you need to understand that by going to school, the child will still get acquainted with the computer. He will "move" to his friends, who will be able to play computer games, and home will return only to eat and sleep. Forbidden once fruit will be truly sweet, and having access to it, the child will enjoy it. At the same time, he will most likely ignore any attempts by his parents to return to real life.

Exclude a person from the environment in which heBorn, impossible. And if the computer has firmly established itself in our daily life, it is worthwhile to teach the child in this cyberspace from the very childhood to competently navigate, doing this for the benefit of oneself and loved ones and without harm to one's health. If you only pay attention to the negative side of this topic, you will not be able to notice the many positive aspects of your child's tandem with the computer:

1. He can identify and develop the ability of the baby.

2. This is the best way of self-education in modern conditions.

3. He can develop the independence of thinking.

4. It strengthens the concentration of attention.

5. The child will quickly learn to switch from one action to another.

This list can be continued further, but alwaysCounterweight will be the known so-called "horror stories", relating to the computer. However, a meeting with troubles may not take place if you find the right approach to getting to know a preschool child with a computer. On how it will pass, all their further relations will depend.

How to organize a workplace?

It is necessary first of all to take care of the convenience andComfort of the child while working at the computer. Furniture should be chosen in accordance with the growth of the child, and the distance from the eyes to the monitor should not be less than 70 cm. Do not place the computer near the window, because the monitor should not "glare".

Do not save on the computer.

Modern and more expensive computers are lessAre dangerous to the child than their cheaper predecessors. Focus on the monitor. Plasma is the safest of all. It is necessary to clearly adjust the contrast and color, so that the child's eyes are as comfortable as possible.

Do not put the computer in the nursery.

Let him not be in the child's room at least untilOf the time until the child becomes sufficiently independent (up to 8-9 years). By this age, you can already bring him an adequate attitude to the computer. The psychological factor also has significance here. After all, a personal computer is a kind of intimate space, so necessary for your child at this age.

Strictly determine the time spent at the computer.

A child of preschool age can sit forMonitor no more than half an hour. To the child was easier to navigate in time, you can put him a timer that will sound about the elapsed time. To part with an interesting toy will be difficult at first, so it is worthwhile to think in advance of some interesting activity for the child. Your position should be rather unyielding and firm - it will protect you and the child in the future from possible problems.

Choose the games yourself.

Here the decisive factor - the age of the child. Young children can on the computer collect puzzles, colorize pictures, learn the letter and account. It will be good if the characters of their game are recognizable characters from their favorite movies and cartoons, and not incomprehensible monsters and Pokémon. Older children can offer to try out strategies. Do not take a categorical position and do not forbid the so-called "shooters". Here you need to consider the temperament of your baby. If one child after the game runs into a rage, the other with the help of such games, on the contrary, gets rid of the aggression accumulated during the day. The main thing is to familiarize yourself in advance with the game and make sure that there are no obvious scenes of violence and cruelty in it.

Play along with the child.

To the kid your presence is necessary nearby,Especially if these are educational games. Be sure to comment on all the activities offered in the game, praise the child for success. Such a lively inclusion in the interests of the baby will help bring you closer, will show that no computer can replace communication with a person. Later in the older age, when the child becomes independent, his opinion will still be important to him, he will strive to communicate with you.

Show a personal example.

Of course, if mom and dad spend the whole dayAt the computer, it's foolish to expect from your kid the right attitude to this big toy. Therefore, no matter how hard you are, limit your time at the computer all day long. An exception can only be the cases when you work at home, but this is easy to understand even a three-year-old.

Let the child learn to relax.

Any time spent at the computer is connectedWith some tension. From this first of all the eyes suffer. Teach your child a few simple exercises for the eyes. Of these, the simplest is to look into the distance for 2-3 minutes. It is so easy and effective to relax the eye muscles.

Insure yourself against computer addiction.

Making forecasts is always very difficult. But if the computer is only a small part of the baby's life, then you should not worry in advance. The computer and the child are perfectly compatible. If the child is engaged in creativity or sports, spends a lot of time with parents, plays with friends, then he simply will not have time to sit at the computer for days to fly over.

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