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How to help my son get rid of the suffering of unrequited love?

Invisible support

So, your son is suffering from feeling unrequitedLove to the girl and, accordingly, you, looking at him, suffer with him, in all senses of the word. After all, he is your own blood, and his experiences are yours too. So, how to help your son get rid of the suffering of unrequited love? To begin with, as a mother, you should try to talk with your son and try to find out how much he "hovered" in his love and what an outlet he sees himself from this situation. To give advice at such a moment is, of course, good, but here's to enter into the problem and understand what's what for - quite another. Remember that leaving your son alone with your unrequited love is not the best way out. But also to impose his advice on him, the plan: "You'll find yourself better ..." or "There was not a single wedge on it ..." is also not a good option. Try to just get into the situation and understand how expensive this girl is to your son. Only by entering into his trust, you can take the situation into your own hands and control its future course. In addition, it will be much easier for you to become for your child not only a loving and caring mother, but also a friend, which is important for him at this very moment. By the way, children who perceive their parents not only as people who gave them life, but also as friends, are much easier to transfer their personal problems and go on a frank conversation. First of all, this is due to the fact that such a child in everything thinks for the due talk with you. And secondly, you will always be aware of all his successes and failures in life. Of course, it's not a secret for anyone that boys are much more reluctant to contact their parents, but, nevertheless, there are always exceptions. By the way, the opinion that the best friend for the son is his father does not always justify his existence. The mother can also play an important role in the life of the child. And, plus to everything, who, if not a woman, will be able to imbue a son's problem with one another and help him get rid of his fears or problems.

So, if your son has been seeing since childhoodIn you a friend, it will be much easier for you to make this conversation with him. But if your boy does not consider it necessary to share his problems with you, you should try his best to win his favor and show him that you are not only his mother, but also the main adviser in life.

So in every possible way tryMake a conversation with his son on the exciting topic. Try to find out what kind of girl that has so strongly sunk into the soul of your son, and at what stage are their relations or communication at the moment.

The tactics of "attack"

If you know this girl or haveThe opportunity to talk with her, be sure to do it. Try to find out her point of view and views on this situation. If it turns out that the girl is completely categorical towards the guy, ask her to help her son by talking to him and putting all the points on the "I". This will help to destroy his imaginary illusions and hopes that he cherishes for her. The main thing is that you should not be afraid to intervene in time, because for the sake of the peace of mind of your child, all the methods are good. If the girl is intelligent and intelligent, she will certainly enter your position and meet you halfway. Of course, the main thing here is that your son does not know about your conversation with her. But if the girl is categorical or you simply do not have the opportunity to contact her, then still try to argue in a correct and unobtrusive manner your vision of this problem. Only to explain to the son about his undivided feelings is necessary so that at the moment of your conversation you can imperceptibly push him to meditate and realize everything on your subconscious level. Remember, to help the child at the moment, you need to imperceptibly force him to personally realize that on this "girl life does not end", and do not scream about it out loud. The son must himself realize and "experience in himself" these feelings. Only then can he return to normal life. And your task is simply to push him to it.


In addition, try toTo save from suffering his child, create for this all the conditions that will have a beneficial effect on him. Talk to his close friends, ask them to be always near him, more often to call for a walk or come to visit. This will help his son to escape from his unrequited love. Let your son not sit in the "four walls", but live a full and active life. If the child has any hobbies - encourage them. Invite him to enroll in this or that section, where he can spend time with benefit for himself and find new friends on interests. The main thing is, do not let him lock himself up. Friends, hobbies, sports, parties - this is all that will certainly save him from suffering, albeit not completely, but at least partially.

By the way, if you have a good girl in mind (for example, daughter of a friend, colleagues and so on), invite her along with her parents, let the children get acquainted. As the saying goes: "Wedge wedge the wedge."

And the last thing, if your son, in spite of all yourTrying to help him, still locked in himself and his head stuck to his feelings, ask a therapist. He will help in this situation correctly and professionally to explain the guy his problem and overcome it. In a word, do not sit idly by, and act - and your son will certainly forget about his unrequited love.

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