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Baby cosmetics for newborns

The three main components of care are nutrition, sleep, hygiene, which can ensure the normal development of the child.

The baby's skin first comes into contact withTerrestrial-air environment, temperature changes, is subject to danger from various infections. The protective ability of the skin of a newborn is very small, it is due to the weak expression of horny skin formation and the instability of immunity.

The skin of a child.

The baby's skin is much drier than the skin of an adult andIs prone to peeling, inflammation, the appearance of intertrigo, seborrhea. The intense breathing of the baby's skin is very high and much more pronounced in comparison with the skin of an adult.

Consequently, the hygiene of newborns and small childrenChildren should be given special attention, which will help minimize the risk of infection. Therefore, to date, the market is widely represented by a lot of lines of children's cosmetics for newborns, which helps to take care of the baby and do not worry about his health.

Bathing a child.

The basis of child hygiene in the early days isEveryday bathing. Soap for bathing can be replaced with baby chamomile bath oil. It is soft and helps to cleanse without the risk of irritation on the skin of the baby, protects the newborn from diaper rash, rash, various redness of the skin. Afterwards, it is not necessary to rinse the child further.

After bathing, babies should be gently wiped offHis personal towel and wipe with a small amount of baby oil, you can use oils JOHNSON`S, baby oil since the birth of Bubchen, butter "Baby" with chamomile, or butter from Baby.

In addition to evening bathing, the baby needsMorning hygiene. The face, hands are washed with special wet napkins, cosmetic lines of which are widely represented in the market of children's cosmetics for newborns. The nasal passages are cleaned with cotton swabs soaked in baby oil.

In newborns, bloating is often observed,Discomfort in the intestines often lead to crying and restlessness of the baby. In this case, the child and his mother will benefit from a pleasant massage of the abdomen with the application of a massage oil, which includes essential oil of fennel. Children's cosmetics for newborns have in their arsenal of such oils, they can easily be found in the departments of children's products.

There is a world standard of requirements for children'sCosmetics for newborns and cosmetics for the care of infants. This hypoallergenicity, the lack of dyes, the presence of a natural basis, and to detergents, special attention is paid to the neutral pH.

As you know, not so long ago the Russian marketChildren's cosmetics represented individual trade names - children's cream, powder, baby soap, manufacturers, which were such perfumery and cosmetics organizations as "Freedom", "Kalina", "Nevskaya Cosmetics", recently there was a tendency to create separate enterprises for special Lines of cosmetics for children united by one brand.

It is worth noting that children's cosmeticsThey make not only enterprises focused solely on newborns, but also a large number of "adult" firms trying to present their "children's" cosmetics.

To the first group of manufacturers specializing inOn children's goods, are the German companies "ByubchenVerkGmbH", NatudermBotanics - Mann & Schroeder GmbH, Russian "Our Mother", "World of Childhood" and others. The list of manufacturers that focus mainly on "adult" cosmetics includes such well-known companies in Russia - "Kalina", "Linda", "Avanta".

What should makeup for newborns?

- the composition should include extracts of medicinal plants: almonds, limes, chamomiles, calendula, avocado and others;

- bioactive substances: these are vitamins A, C, D, E; Allantoin - extract of comfrey medicinal, it promotes moisture conservation, regeneration, has anti-inflammatory effect;

- Lanolin forming an acid-fat layer; Tocopherol -provitamin E, regenerating the cells of the body;

-pentenol - provitamin B5, healing, anti-inflammatory;

- bisabolol - extract from chamomile, which has antiseptic effect;

- natural vegetable oils of sunflower,Oil of almonds, jojoba, wheat oil, rich in vitamins, valuable acids and minerals, easily absorbed, moisturizing and nourishing the skin;

- light detergent bases of vegetable origin.

Most manufacturing companies with a view toAcquaint consumers with their products offer sample probes that contain a certain amount of care for the ass, skin and hair of the baby. The complete range of wet wipes is represented by Johnson & Johnson in small packages, Bubchen, and Sanosan uses small bottles for its shampoos and oils. Thus, mothers have a way to test the tolerability of newborns for various cosmetics and the body's response.

Children's shampoos should have a natural washingThe basis and the active formula that protects the eyes. Lotions for children are also very wide in use to clean the skin of the baby. The lotion helps moisturize and nourish sensitive skin, protect against drying and maintain the natural elasticity of the skin.

Cream and milk are mostly differentConsistency. Milk quickly absorbs most creams, since the cream is mostly "barrier", almost non-absorbing, but creating a protective layer on the baby's skin.

Now the demand for children's cosmetics is growing, which contributes to the emergence of new products and the improvement of old series of cosmetics.

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