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Developing computer games for children

Do not involve children in the computer game.Is labor - they themselves will be happy to find a job, give only freedom. But the task of parents and adults is precisely to control what the child plays and how much. No computer in the world, no matter how perfect, should not completely replace the child with peers and adults. But here is an additional help to the child in the development and knowledge of the world computer can do.

So what should children play today? Do not think that computer games boil down to "shooters" and battle-games. There is a lot of developing computer games, matched by the age of the child. Age is a very important criterion, because too complex a game will not bring joy, the child will quickly get tired and will not understand half of what he was doing. A light one - on the contrary will lead to quick results and bores the child earlier than it will really interest him and will bring at least some benefit. Usually the age for which the game is intended is indicated on the package, but if necessary or difficult to clarify it, you can also contact the seller-consultant. If you are afraid to buy a game on the disc because it might not like the child - suggest that you choose an on-line game for yourself, but, of course, monitor its actions and be sure to help him with advice. Now a huge number of paid and free sites with on-line games, you will have plenty to choose from. Well, the quality of such games in no way inferior to the usual. In addition, your child can always share the results with other players, which is an additional incentive for the best mastery of the chosen game.

Very interesting games for children Puzzles. For a very small puzzle will consist of 2-4Parts, for older - more. Such games develop attention and memory, motor skills of the hands. That only it is necessary to drag the naughty puzzle to the place for the first time!

Educational games - Coloring pages Can be found in different versions. From coloring favorite animated characters and animals, to coloring clothes and applying virtual make-up. The latter especially like girls. They are also very diverse - from simple decoration to creating their own studio, shop and fashion - agency. Where not here, young fashionistas will learn to develop thinking and fantasy, take their virtual money and just create beautiful color combinations in make-up and clothes!

There are games that are created in the likeness Tetris. These games develop the speed of reaction, thinking, attention, memory. They are diverse in their color and shape.

Recently, a large number of training Games-programs, Who teach children the account, the letter, the foreignLanguages. Favorite cartoon characters lead a lesson in a playful form, of course, such lessons cause joy and are remembered by children easily and at ease. And if your child is not very fond of learning, then with such games this process becomes invisible, but equally useful and cognitive.

Another type of game - Puzzle games and mazes, They, undoubtedly, will intensively developLogic and thinking in children. A child who plays such games will learn not only to calmly and confidently find a way out of seemingly desperate situations, but also temper the character, trying not to pay attention to minor defeats.

And of course, to developing games it is necessary to attribute all the analogues of already existing table games - Checkers, chess, backgammon and others.

For older children you can find whole complexes of developing Games-programs on school subjects: Physics, chemistry, biology, languages, etc. They will be able to compose 3-D models of physical processes and chemical formulas, repeat the material already learned at school and learn a lot of interesting things outside the school curriculum. The learning process will become more interesting at times, and the child will understand even those topics that in ordinary learning were given to him with difficulty.

Undoubtedly, all these games develop certainSkills in children. Do not neglect such an opportunity for the development of children. Watch yourself for your child, and you will notice how quickly he learns with the computer!

Finally, if you have decided on the game, then nowAll efforts should be made to ensure that the child does not sit too far in front of the monitor. Developing games and computer training can have its drawbacks. Excessive stress leads to eye fatigue and psychological problems, so make sure that very small children under the age of 4 do not play more than 25 minutes, and children 5-6 years - about half an hour.

Perhaps you've heard that computer gamesCause increased aggression in children. But it's unlikely that a computer coloring, chess or other training game will lead to aggression more than the same games, but without a computer. This statement rather refers to aggressive games for adults, in which there are plenty of scenes of violence. Your task is not to allow the child to such games. If you can not control the child, do not know what he is doing, what games he plays, then do not write off all the problems on modern technology. Perhaps the problem is quite different?

So, do not be afraid and give upThe use of developing games for children. Observing simple recommendations, you will allow your child to plunge into the most interesting cognitive world of computer games, facilitate his training and development and save his health.

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