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Thrush in a nursing baby, how to help?

Before we learn what it is necessary to do with a milkmaid in an infant, how to help him cope with this ailment, we decided to get to know you better with this disease.

How to determine when a baby has thrush (candidiasis)?

It is not strange, but thrush in the infantIs revealed quite easily. To detect it, you need to carefully examine the baby's mouth. If you saw white spots there, surrounded by reddening, which spread to the gum area, tongue and even cheeks, remember, these are the first symptoms that say that your baby has thrush. Also, during this disease, the baby is extremely difficult to suck mother's breast. Most often, children can let go of the breast during feeding.

Yeast causing thrush, as a rule,Develop in a warm and humid environment, so it is possible that the baby can catch this disease from his mother and even vice versa. So, if the mother is suffering from a milkmaid, there is every likelihood that she will switch to a child. For this reason, not only the crumb, but also his mother needs to help in getting rid of this illness.

The main factors that cause thrush in an infant.

Thrush, as we have already said, is causedCertain fungi that are in the body of any of us. True, their development is always determined by individual factors. If the mother had a thrush during pregnancy, then there are all chances to assume that the baby was infected at the time of passing through the birth canal. Also the kid can get sick because of infringements of rules of personal hygiene by parents of the babe. In addition, the following factors cause thrush: weak immunity of crumbs (here you can include children who were born before their term), a recently transferred illness, which reduced the protective functions of immunity, the use of various antibiotics, complementary feeding and frequent regurgitation of the baby. This is the main reason that this disease can develop in a nursing baby.

The main misconceptions about the disease.

1. Thrush is able to appear not only in the mouth of the child. This fungus can develop well and cause inflammation in the folds of the skin and genitals of the baby, namely their mucosa. So it is necessary to fight this disease at the first signs of the disease.

2. Antibiotics can accelerate the process of recovery. It should be noted that the main cause of this disease is the fungus, and accordingly it must be treated with antifungal agents. But the rest of the drugs may simply cause an allergic reaction in the crumbs.

3. Zelenka all over his head. Once it was, but not now, apart from all this drug is not only weakly helps, but also dries the mucous membrane of the mouth.

4. If the raid disappears - it indicates that the child has recovered. It's not like that at all. Remember, if the thrush is completely untreated, it will certainly resume. So stop immediately treatment, we do not recommend it.

Thrush, how to help the crumb to get rid of it?

First of all, you need to apply forLike a consultation with a pediatrician, who must prescribe special medications for you and tell you how to give them to your child, and how much to be treated at all.

From improvised means, to effectively help the babyAloe juice can be cured of candidiasis. To do this, you need to take a leaf of this flower, it is good to wash it and squeeze out the juice from it. After that, try to make sure that this juice is on the place affected by the milkwoman. A solution of baking soda also helps. To do this, you need 1/2 cup, with boiled water, to dissolve one teaspoon of soda. Then you need to moisten the oral cavity of the child with the resulting solution. But in order for the crumb opened his mouth, you should press your thumb on his chin with your thumb. After that, you can safely wipe the baby's mouth with a swab with a solution or aloe juice. Do this procedure, recommended every 2-3 hours.

Nystatin drops are another tool thatCan overcome thrush. After eating a baby, you need to clean his mouth of the remnants of milk. This can be done by giving the child a drink of boiled water or wiping his mouth with a damp towel. Then take a cotton swab and put on it ten drops of this drug. Then with the help of this very wand, wipe the baby's mouth. Do this, recommended three times a day, about ten days in a row.

Measures to prevent thrush in an infant.

For prevention measures, systematicallyWipe the baby's mouth with a soda solution (the recipe we described above). If you feed the baby with artificial milk, every time after eating, give him two teaspoons of boiled water. This will help rinse the mucous membrane of the mouth. Watch for the hygiene of the child. Also try not to allow frequent regurgitation of the baby. Keep children's clothing in sterile places. Wash your chest and hands before you start feeding the baby.

If the baby is sick with thrush, you should boil all the objects that surround it. Do this, recommended for 20 minutes, and water is worth adding a little soda or vinegar.

In the case of a milk powder in the areaDiaper, you need to leave this place open as often as possible, so that it breathes air. By the way, to use in this case, cosmetic napkins are strictly prohibited.

And finally I must say that treatment of thrushIs a very long process. But if you follow all the recommendations correctly, you will always get a positive result. Remember that your baby's health depends only on you. Good luck to you and your baby!

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