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If you can not get married a second time, what should I do?

Any mother, as anyone pains to look at,How her child suffers, in whatever age he was. Especially if it concerns his happiness. Therefore, the son, who was unlucky in his first marriage and is not lucky to marry a second time, have to suffer through life and live in complete solitude. And you, as a mother, must certainly try to help your son find a new family happiness. Still, if you can not get married for the second time, what should the mother do and how to help her, though already an adult but beloved son?

Try to do everything possible toTo improve the life of his son. After all, it's quite possible to get married again, the main thing is to get rid of all doubts and to believe in yourself. And you as a mother just have to support your son at this moment.

All problems in the subconscious of men.

First, if the son, once again, does notGet married, convince him to drop all his fears, feelings and self-doubt into the background. Explain to him that women love self-confident and courageous men, one of whom he must necessarily become. Belief in yourself, your success and the accompanying optimism will certainly help to solve this situation. To your son avoided another disappointment, try to adjust it to a wave of lightness and then he will succeed. Let him react to the search for a new woman to create a family, as a new attraction, a way to dilute his life and make new colors in it. The guy should also understand that going to the next acquaintance with a woman, it is not necessary that it will be his wife. This is just another reason to have a positive time and get acquainted with new and interesting people.

Basic principles of spouse search.

Grasp for the first woman I find and doHer marriage proposal to your son is also not worth it. He had long since emerged from this age, when the main principle was fast marriage, family life, divorce and male depression. Therefore, do not advise him to hurry and rush things. Let him look better, then to one, then to another girl and still make the right choice for himself. After all, your child needs a decent wife, which is much better than the first. And the man himself must be 100% sure that he wants to be with this girl and live with her all his life in a happy and carefree marriage. So to look for a wife, a man should slowly and deliberately, relying on the conclusions drawn by himself.

Features of mature women.

Your son clearly does not need a very young girl. To create a new and strong family, a mature woman is best suited. It is with such a lady, a man will not "burn" once again. These women, most often already had an unhappy marriage and how no one else can understand the man himself. They want quiet family evenings in a cozy apartment and intimate pleasant conversations. So it is with such a woman to create a family - a real godsend for a man in divorce. By the way, it is very important that your "adult child" does not reject those options that he allegedly did not like at first glance. It is such a search for people that is the main enemy of the new relationship. Advise him, as a mother, to use all the opportunities that are encountered in his current life. Let her take a good look at every woman. After all, the first opinion of a man is sometimes very deceptive.

Modern ways to find a new wife.

If a man can not find himself a goodCompanion in life, let him turn to modern ways of dating through the Internet. After the divorce it is quite possible to find a couple in the social network or on special dating sites, where people most often converge on mutual interests. But getting acquainted through the Internet must be very cautious. After all, in real life, a person sitting on the other side of the monitor may be completely different. By the way, the more a man has candidates for "his heart", the more chances to choose the most worthy. So to respond to messages of ladies is recommended absolutely all.

Correct communication is the main key to a new marriage.

Your son needs to present himself wellIn front of women, to show that he wants a family life and is tired of being alone. This all should become the main core of his story about himself. Of course, the main thing is not to scare off a woman with her perseverance. That's why everything should be in moderation.

New acquaintances.

If a man met a girl, and she told himReally liked - you never need to rush things and shout to the whole world that you want to marry her. Everything should go at ease and in its turn. Explain this to your son, advise him to know the woman as best as possible and only then take a responsible step in front of family happiness. By the way, your son is looking for the complete opposite of his first wife and this is absolutely right. Only in this case will he be able to find peace of mind and balance.

Remember, to marry successfully, what to do to your sonFor this and how to help him, you must give him your women's advice and only then he will succeed. And from him in this situation requires perseverance, self-confidence, and decisive action. You do not need to abandon a business that you started without ever completing it. Only realizing this, a man will be able to marry once again a loving and devoted woman.

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