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The child does not want to learn to read

Let's talk about the importance of reading

"People stop thinking when they stop reading,- said the famous French thinker Denis Diderot. And he, of course, was not one bit in error. As for the child, he will not start thinking at all, unless he has learned to read. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that books enrich our inner world, expand the vocabulary, cause for reflection, develop memory and attention.

When a child does not want to read, then his speechWill be unusually poor, the vocabulary is too small, and the statements of such a child will be filled with words-parasites. And, on the contrary, the kid, keen on reading, at the subconscious level will learn the canons of spelling and correctness of speech. Also, a person who loves to read develops his own sense of humor. And someone who does not like books, can grasp the various jokes told by peers, but he himself can not write good good jokes.

Remember that in your library onlyTextbooks, harmful. The horizon expands only for those who add beautiful art texts to the luggage of school literature. Given these facts, we can say that even the best certificate will not affect the erudition of its owner in full. It is for this reason that you yourself must turn your sweet child into a book-lover, discover the magical world of the book for him.

We teach children to read

For those who wish to grow their own child as a "bookworm," there are several rules.

The first rule Is a personal example. Why is that? Support for this behavior is the natural desire of children to imitate their parents. This means that you yourself should spend your free time for a book, otherwise the child will not read, imitating you. And why should he do what his relatives are not interested in?

The central place in your home should takeRich large library. In addition, you are obliged to provide your child with his own regiment in the family book depository, for the inhabitants of which he will look after himself. It is important to cultivate in your child a careful attitude to the book, to teach him how to properly care for various volumes and brochures.

The second rule - the child must learn to read in the preschoolAge. Going to school, the kid should already feel the taste of reading, all the charm of filling the free time in this way. Otherwise your pupil will pick up only those books that are provided for by the school curriculum. Your dear child will not consider reading for personal needs! Free time this child will give to the computer and cartoons.

People say that it is necessary to educate a person,While he lies across the bench. Do the same with reading. Teach your child to such an exciting lesson from the time he begins to explore the world around him. In this period you will be helped by colorful books-toys and various developing literature for babies. Also, do not forget to read the fairy tales for the night, and this should be a regular activity! Well, when a child learns to read by syllables, he will begin to reread the same tales, without waiting for the continuation of your story.

Buy for your baby colorful volumesVarious subjects that will entice him to himself. And if the child has not mastered the work at a time, suggest reading it again. It is important to force the child to read at least 1 to 2 pages a day. Use for this purpose any means, except punishments. Arrange various quizzes for the read, ask questions, discuss the work, praise the reader.

The third rule Regular monitoring of the interests of one'sWard. If the child does not read what you bought for him, change the subject and genre. Work on expanding the horizon baby. For this, one should try the most diverse kinds of literature. Somehow: detective stories, encyclopaedic literature, adventures, horror stories and much more. It is important at the same time to consider what interested the baby. Pay attention to the fact that the child can frighten unusually thick books. Offer him any small texts, because the main thing is to instill in your beloved child the love of reading. Remember that you can not give a child in the school weighty books. For school everyday life and a small brochure.

The fourth rule Says that a child should love a word in anyIts kind. Based on this rule, spend with your ward a variety of games with words. Let the kid himself will write, create illustrations for his works. And do not forget about praise!

Rule last Says that you can not always just read orstudy. The child must remain a child! Let him play, walk with friends, go to theaters, circus or to attractions. Then you will forget about the child who does not want to learn to read, and you will see a child who wants to learn and to know the world.

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