/ Why Children Cry

Why do children cry badly?

Children under 6 months of age

At this age, children begin to cry practicallyFor any reason. Because of a wet diaper, abdominal pain, hunger, etc. Newborn children do not control their crying, as we can not arbitrarily stop hiccups.

In the infant's brain, a colossal growth of neural connectionsOccurs to the 6th week, so the child begins to control his actions from this age. He begins to understand the connection between crying and eliminating the cause of this crying, for example, feeding or changing a wet diaper.

What should I do?

If you can not understand why a child is crying, Start everything in order. Have you fed him? Was there eructation? Did you change the diaper?

Your child spent 9 months in conditions thatInvented mother nature. Therefore it is not surprising that children stop crying when they begin to swaddle and swing. So it best reminds the child of the sensations that he experienced in his mother's womb. In addition, swaddling allows you to hold his limbs, of course, this will improve the baby's sleep.

Communicate with the child. The child for 9 months gets used to the voice of the mother. If the baby cries, try a normal tone to talk to him or sing a song. Or try to include light music.

Leave the child alone. If nothing helps, the child continues to cry, take the child's crib to a dark, quiet place. Maybe he just needs to rest.

Children from 6 to 12 months

In six months the child knows his name, recognizes the voicesParents, knows the names of toys. He begins to explore the world around him. Gradually the child begins to establish a connection between cause and effect. Only to seven years he will master this skill to the full.

A child at 6 months learning to perceiveConstancy of subjects. If before the child did not understand that you were leaving the room, now he will call you with the help of crying, as crying is the only tool available to him.

What to do?

Teach your baby to calm down. To fix the child's perceptionSpace of objects, play with the kid in simple games, for example, hide and seek: close your face with your hands, and then open them. He must understand that when you close your face with your hands, you are still there.

Give the child only one toy. Several subjects can not be manipulated by children at once. Give the baby a toy, if he does not calm down - give another toy. Maybe you will find what the child wanted to touch.

Sing it. A great soothing tool is the voice of the mother. Sing something and teach the child to sing along with you. Some children can "sing" simple words for a year, for example, "Mom", "Give".

Give the child something to chew on. At the majority of children by this age teeth begin to be cut. Give a child a toy. Best of all, these are cooling toys - plastic gadgets.

Children from one to two years old

At this age the child begins to cry moreMeaningful. The child resorts to crying, since he does not yet know how to express his dissatisfaction. In addition, the child begins to actively explore the surrounding world, but he is still afraid to go far away from you.

What to do?

Prepare for defense. At this age, the kids can "manipulate" you with hysterics. Keep yourself in hand and do not break down ever.

A child, not the public. Children love to roll in public"Concerts". Even if random listeners throw unpleasant comments in your direction, do not pay attention to them. Try to solve the problem to find a quiet place.

Associate words with emotions. Talk with your child when commenting on youractions. You need to teach the child to associate their troubles with words. For example, tell the baby: "My stomach hurts, so I'm crying." Over time, he will be able to independently identify words with his words.

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