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Do I need to swaddle an infant?

To find the answer to this question, we needTurn to the time when the baby is still in the mother's abdomen. We all know what the inside of the baby also hears, feels and sees, so even before the birth he forms his own attitude to the world around him. The main and the very first sensations of the baby are touches. At terms of about 16-20 weeks, the fruit "hovers" in the amniotic fluid and almost does not affect the walls of the uterus. Over time, the baby grows, and the uterus already becomes cramped for him. When the kid rests against its walls, he has the first information about his body and form. Gradually the fetus grows and approximately from 34 weeks uses all intrauterine space. Thus, the baby develops touch and tactile sensations, through which he forms an idea of ​​the type of his body. At the end of pregnancy the child already has his own experience and ideas about himself, as a balloon or, more precisely, ovoid (egg-shaped form).

It is worth noting that the child does not feelDiscomfort in the limited movement and forced body form. On the contrary, in the last stages of fetal development, a habit of a small space and a certain posture appears. Rolled up in a crochet, crossed handles on his chest and pinched his legs, the kid feels comfortable and protected.

Finally, there are childbirth, the baby appears on theLight and what does he see? The whole environment instantly changed: instead of tightness, a huge space, and the darkness was replaced by a bright light. All this causes a stupor in the baby. After all, if you imagine that you spent a couple of months in a cramped box under the ground, and then you were dragged out on a bright sunny day to stroll along the street, what would you feel? Most likely, the feelings would not be pleasant: the impossibility to straighten out, blinding light - all this can bring only pain and shock. The newly born baby feels almost the same, so he needs to get used to the changes.

So that the feeling of comfort does not leave the baby toThere were only positive emotions in relation to the world, it is necessary to return to him the sensation of his body shape. The diaper will help in this matter, like nothing else. When the baby is swaddled, he will have a lost sense of security and tranquility. After all, it was in this position that he used to be in the last few months. Undoubtedly, our grandmothers knew about all the experiences of newborn babies, and a diaper was invented as a means for soft transition of the baby from one world to another.

Since that time, many things have changed, but childrenAre born also, and so the diapers also follow the intended use. This does not limit the baby's development in any way, but on the contrary will help to calmly survive the change of the situation. First, as soon as the baby is swaddled, it calms down and feels the usual shape. A few days later, the kids try to pull out and suck the pens. The child tries to return a whole picture of life in utero, namely there from the 16th week he sucks his fist or finger. Therefore, one should not take this aspiration as a desire to step back from the diaper. After about 2-3 weeks, the kid begins to be interested in the surrounding world: to examine the surrounding environment, people and other objects that have sprung into the eyes. During this period, the child should no longer wrap the handles in diapers.

In cases of severe childbirth, many babies are experiencingSevere trauma. Often they for a long time can not get used to the world around them. Such babies may have a desire to sleep in diapers and up to two months. Therefore, it is better to let the child calmly accept a new world and become familiar with it. In such cases it is better not to rush things, it will bring much more benefit.

So do not be afraid to swaddle a child until he himself wants to get out of the diaper. So gradually and calmly the child will get used to a new way of life.

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