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Modern Russian literature for children

Reading, like any lesson, shouldMatch the age of the child. For the youngest are important not only used in the book phrases, but also colorful pictures. It is visual images that make it easier to perceive newborn words to restless babies, memorize them and then use them in their speech. In such books, simple sentences, often repeated words and descriptions of actions, simple short stories prevail. Literature for children under 3 years old - small tales, nursery rhymes, counters, unpretentious stories, accompanied by understandable and interesting illustrations. In addition to various fairy tales, this is the verses of Agniya Barto, and numerous colorful books by contemporary authors. For example, you can buy a book for a child - the book of N. Astakhova and AA Astakhov, it is specially designed for toddlers even from 6 months. It is interesting to read the books of Andrei Usachev, they are loved and read by "to the holes" by almost all the children. Those who are slightly older, you can read books from the face of toys, as if you are reading a book not you, but a bear or a favorite doll. The reading process will be turned into an entertaining game and be sure to interest your child.

Children from 3 to 7 years The process of reading and understanding reads followsSlightly complicate. For them, the plot should consist of several interrelated episodes, more actors, more complex relationships. Children at this age should not just perceive what they heard or read, but also fantasize about the subject. Recommend to read at this age can be books by such authors as Nikolai Nosov, Vladimir Suteev, Viktor Krotov, Mikhail Plyatskovsky, Agnia Barto, Georgy Yudin, Emma Moshkovskaya, Vitaly Bianchi. This is Russian literature. The books that the publishers publish today are very diverse in form and content, so you can easily pick up what your child will like.

Officially, children are taught to read at school, at the veryBusiness almost everywhere from first-graders require at least reading by syllables. Children who do not know how to read are often mocked by their peers. Therefore, for his own good, to school, the child must freely learn simple texts and read, otherwise training will be difficult for him and will have to conduct additional classes. Those of the younger children, who read a lot and with pleasure, can already at their age go to certain literary works for older children.

To schoolchildren 7-11 years old It is useful to replenish your horizons not only at the expense ofWorks recommended by the school curriculum. Modern literature - new and interesting works, which will be taken with pleasure by children as additional reading. As classic authors, popular with children for many years, you can recommend the books of Nikolai Nosov, Eduard Uspensky, Valery Medvedev, Grigory Oster, Irina Tokmakov, Victor Golyavkin. Of the representatives of more modern authors, all children will be interested in the book "When the Pope was a Little One" by Alexander Raskin, a series of books by Sergei Stelmashonok "About the Cat", the stories of Marina Druzhinina and many others.

Older children Already usually give preference to a certainGenre of books. Therefore, it is recommended to choose books in accordance with the preferences of the child. However, be sure to carefully treat the review of the summary and protect the child from books with a psychologically complex and strained plot. Not always new can be good. Be interested in what the child reads, perhaps he will need some explanation during the reading or questions that children are not yet able to find answers without the help of adults. You can offer the books to the children of Evgeny Veltistov, Lazar Lagin, Kira Bulychev, Andrei Nekrasov, Nina Artyukhova, Eugeny Charushin, Anatoly Aleksin, Vladislav Krapivin, Dmitry Emets.

Today you can choose a book not only in the store,But also on the Internet. If you are in doubt - safely take the kid and go with him to the library. Yes Yes. Do not think that libraries are completely outdated. You will find there both classical children's books and books of modern authors. Of course, for young children it is better to buy new books with high-quality printing, because they often become the children's favorite and literally children do not let them out of their hands. So you can hardly return them to the library.

Since childhood, it is necessary to instil in my children a goodLiterary taste. Of course, if you immediately give the child a book of Dostoevsky or Tolstoy, then most likely you will for a long time repel him of interest in reading. Therefore, to begin with, just pick up easy and high-quality literature. In no case can you present reading as a punishment or an alternative to your favorite game. Do not get carried away and reading comics and popular tabloid books. This will lead to the development of the child's so-called "clip-thinking", when all events in life turn as if into flashing frames of a clip. These children do not remember well, they are difficult to process information, they can hardly express their thoughts, they only perceive short simple messages. They have little imagination, they perceive the world around them only in connection with those images that have already been invented and completely "ready for use".

All this obliges parents to sharpen theirAttention to the fact that from childhood to instill a child's love of reading. From the youngest age, read with them and for them. Find at least half an hour a day to read with your child a good book or a fairy tale for the night. It will be even more interesting if you and your children and their friends arrange a small home theater, changing into different characters and reading the book by roles. It will be an unforgettable holiday for you and your children.

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