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Braces for correction of bite in children

According to some estimates, the problems associated withBite, worry about 90% of people. Of these, about 40% really need specialist help. Incorrect bite increases the load on a group of teeth during chewing, which is fraught with consequences: problems in the connection of the temporal bone with the lower jaw. Curvature of the teeth also affects the development of various dental diseases, including a significantly increased risk of caries.

Incorrect bite is not the best effectOn the respiratory process, the quality of speech also suffers. Headaches with curvature of teeth are also not uncommon. The digestive tract also suffers: due to the fact that the food is not chewed enough, the load on it is increased. A major problem with an incorrect bite is for those who need dental prosthetics or the installation of dental implants.

Before correction of the occlusion was possible onlyThanks to the use of a variety of removable systems, which in turn had a lot of flaws, such as ugly appearance, discomfort, distortion of speech. Today, there is no need for these adaptations, since the available modern methods of dentistry do not cause any inconvenience. An example of a modern approach to this problem are braces.

There is an opinion that the correction of biteIt is necessary to be engaged only in the childhood. However, dentists say that this problem is solved at any age. But still the final result is affected both by the condition of the parodontal tissues and the problem teeth, and their number.

The causes of malocclusion.

  1. Disorders of posture;
  2. Deficiency of microelements in the child's body, thatLeads to violations of the timing of teething. Especially strongly on untimely teething affects the lack of such important minerals as fluoride and calcium;
  3. The presence of bad habits in the child is frequentThe cause of an incorrect bite. For example, sucking a finger leads to curving the teeth. It happens that parents do not accentuate this habit of their attention, which, of course, can not be done;
  4. Biting of the lips and prolonged sucking of the nipples. Two of these actions lead to the fact that the teeth simply move back to the thickness of the object, and also a gap appears between the teeth visible to the naked eye;
  5. Breathing through the mouth. As a rule, these suffer those children who are prone to inflammation of the nasal cavity and adenoids. These diseases lead to the fact that the nose remains for a long time laid, which leads to breathing through the mouth. The child grows, and the wrong breathing does not allow to develop normally and grow bones of the facial skull. As a consequence, the curvature of the teeth;
  6. Hereditary factor. An incorrect bite can get to the child from the parents;
  7. Food. Often, the mastication of the jaws can lead to too soft food. The load on the jaw should not be very weak, but it becomes such when you abuse soft food. Due to a weak load, the jaws do not develop enough, and the teeth do not have enough free space;
  8. Injuries, all kinds of chronic diseases can also cause malocclusion in children.
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Methods of treatment in children of an incorrect occlusion with the help of braces.

The main method of bite correction isToday is wearing a bracket system. Braces are special devices that are attached directly to the teeth. Correction of the location of the teeth is carried out with their help up to a millimeter. Braces are of several types, in particular, they differ from each other in material, shape, color and size. The choice of these or other bracket systems depends on many factors. Braces that are completely invisible on the teeth are a salvation for both children and adults, as many are simply embarrassed by their brackets. Invisible braces do not change the appearance for the worse, so they are preferred by young women.

There are sapphire braces, which have an equal to the saliva of the human refractive index. Due to this they are almost not noticeable on the teeth. However, many people prefer color bracket systems.

Lingual braces are considered a new developmentDentistry. With conventional braces, their retail method of fixing. Such bracket systems are preferable to adults, since there are certain requirements for wearing them. Lingual braces are almost imperceptible on the teeth, as they are installed on the inside of the teeth. Correction of bite by such braces lasts as much as usual. By the way, in order to get used to this type of braces, you need to go with them for 2-3 weeks. However, lingual braces have a number of disadvantages: high cost, complication of brushing teeth, dysfunction. In addition, such a bracket system can be worn only for those who have small disadvantages of bite: for serious violations they are contraindicated. If you do not have a large number of teeth or have small crowns, you also can not wear this kind of braces.

Metal braces for todayThey are very small rings, but before that they were quite large. Such braces are installed on the front side of the teeth. Their advantages: cheapness, lack of corrosion, durability. Metal braces are gold or silver.

Ceramic braces are more beautiful than metal ones. They are also quite popular, matched to the color of the teeth. Ceramic braces are quite strong and do not irritate the gums.

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