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How to treat synechia in girls

Causes of formation of synechia

One of the most common reasonsThe disease is, strangely enough, too intensified intimate hygiene. Therefore, do not wash the baby too often and several times a day, especially with the use of soap. In small girls, the mucous membrane of the genital organs is very thin, and frequent friction, the effects of soap and the wearing of tight clothing lead to injuries. When the mucosa heals, then the labia mating occurs. But do not think that because of this you need to give up hygiene. The wrinkling of the labia in non-hygienic patients occurs even more often.

Another reason for the formation of girls in the synechiaCan become an infection that has got into the urinary tract. Harmful bacteria penetrate the thin mucous membrane of the genital organs, causing inflammation, which leads to splicing. To avoid such situations, try to periodically take the necessary tests of the urine of the child.

Synechia can also appear with prolongedInflammation in the genitals, for example, with vulvovaginitis. This disease occurs because of sexual infections. After all, they are transmitted both sexually and by household routes. Even parents sometimes are a source of sexual infections, for example, this happens during childbirth, when the infection from the mother is transmitted to the baby. In this situation, a girl can earn a chronic illness. Since harmful microbes like a moist environment, the source of infection can be other people's towels, loofers, etc. Therefore, children's underwear should be torn apart from the things of adults, and it is also desirable to boil. After washing, try ironing the laundry with a hot iron. Bathing in natural water can also become a threat to catch an infection.

A very large chance of developing theAllergic diseases. After all, they are often expressed on the skin, and many parents do not pay attention to the mucous membrane. In this regard, parents whose children are prone to allergic reactions and diathesis should be more careful about the girl's mucosa. In order not to cause an allergy, eliminate from the diet products that provoke allergies.

Often with a problem pregnancy developSynechia. This is due to intrauterine infections with severe histosis. If there were such problems, then you need to visit a gynecologist when the girl turns one year old.

Signs of synechia

  1. Contact your doctor if you find any defects in the structure of the genital organs.
  2. If you notice that the girl does not want to sit downOn the pot and the capricious, then this is the first signal to sound the alarm. If there are difficulties with urination and there is discomfort, then you should definitely consult a doctor.
  3. Try to introduce a regular inspection in the ruleSexual organs of the child with hygiene procedures. If there are discharge, redness, irritation, it is necessary to consult a doctor and begin the correct treatment.

Consequences of synechia in girls

Synechia can lead to big problems. In addition, that this disease can become chronic, it can also develop. Because of the growth of the labia, the baby's crotch may develop incorrectly, and as a result, lead to impairments of genital functions (infertility, threat of interruption, etc.).

Diagnostics of synechia

When you visit a gynecologist, the doctor must examineSexual organs of the girl. If necessary, you need to pass the necessary tests: smears, sowing pathogenic flora, tests for infection. Also, a doctor can prescribe ultrasound of a small pelvis.

Treatment of synechia

Treat the synechia necessary. Self-medication is best not to deal with. How to do it correctly, the doctor will tell you after receiving the results of the tests and examination. If the adhesion is detected in time, the treatment can be minimized and a special ointment can be applied, from which the labia will gradually disperse. Launched the same cases are only surgical methods.

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