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How to treat adenoids for children with folk remedies

Why did we decide to consider folk remedies to cure adenoids for children? The answer is quite simple - in fact this disease is alreadyHas long been known to people, and for a long time mankind has found many excellent methods of getting rid of it. Our great-grandmothers did not have an opportunity for every "trifle" to seek help from a doctor, but nowadays, everything that concerns the health of our children must be considered very seriously.

For what reason do adenoids almost never disturb adults? After the transition of the child into adolescenceThe size of adenoids decreases, and to reaching adolescence, most often, only small remains of tissue are observed. When reaching adulthood, there is almost complete atrophy of adenoids.

If the adenoids become very largeThey can become a breeding ground for variousAdenoviruses, they contain all kinds of pathogenic fungi and microorganisms that become agents of various diseases, for example, measles, scarlet fever and others.

How exactly does the disease manifest itself? If the child has adenoids, then his noseConstantly embedded, with permanent and abundant secretions. In the absence of timely measures for the treatment of the disease, its further development can have a negative impact on the child's voice and hearing. If you show any signs of the disease, you need to see a doctor, and we will give you several recipes for treating adenoids with folk remedies, which you can use in conjunction with the doctor's recommendations in order to achieve the greatest effect.

It should be noted that if you made a decisionTo conduct treatment with the use of drops in the nose, cooked on the basis of medicinal herbs - many knowledgeable people recommend pre-dripping in a nose solution of sea salt to release breathing and improve patency. For a small child, this procedure, of course, can become very unpleasant, because even in adults sea salt will cause burning and irritation in the nasal passages, so this procedure can cause a baby a hysterical. Yes, and the mucosa of children's spouts is much more sensitive and tender than in adults, respectively, the irritation will be strong enough, probably this method is not very suitable for kids.

Recipes for preparing medicines to treat adenoids for children.

Eucalyptus, chamomile, birch leaves.

Take a tablespoon of eucalyptus leaves, so muchThe same - chamomile flowers and 0, 5 tablespoons birch leaves, carefully mixed. A tablespoon of the resulting dry mixture is filled with a glass of steep boiling water and we insist for one hour. Infusion drip 3 drops into each nostril twice a day.


Purity was effective in treatmentAdenoids - people have long used it for such a disease. To make this medicine, take a teaspoon of dry or fresh celandine, boil it with a glass of milk, then cool the broth and strain. How to use: Bury 5 times a day for 2 drops in both nostrils. Before going to bed, we make a compress on the throat from this broth.

Cure adenoid celandine can be and otherWay - without cooking a broth. From the fresh (in the flowering period) celandine squeeze the juice. The juice must be diluted with water in a proportion of 1: 60 (one drop of celandine juice for sixty drops of water). Prepared the solution by dropping 1 drop into each nostril in the morning and before going to bed. Treatment is carried out for a month. The solution is prepared every day anew.

St. John's wort, celandine juice.

Grass of St. John's wort grind into powder andMix with butter in a proportion of 1: 4. Immediately before use, take a teaspoon of the prepared ointment and mix with 5 drops of juice, squeezed out of celandine, well grind. Apply as follows: turunda wet in the resulting solution and twice a day keep them in both nostrils for 30 minutes.

Beet, honey.

Take the beets and grate, thenSqueeze out the juice (one glass), add a tablespoon of natural honey to it and mix it thoroughly. Bury the mixture of 5 drops in both nostrils. This course of treatment is designed for fifteen to twenty days.

Essential oils.

Treatment of adenoids with the help of folk remediesPresumes, most often, the preparation of natural drops for instillation into the nose. But you can also use inhalation of essential oils. For inhalations, oils such as cypress, juniper or mint are well suited. For the purpose of inhalation, the aroma of these oils should be inhaled directly from the bottle or oil applied to a piece of tissue or napkin. During the procedure, the eyes should be closed, breathed deeply and evenly. Treatment should be continued from three to ten minutes, it is not necessary to increase the time of the procedure.

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