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Headache in young children

Headache in young children is manifested inSuch signs as anxiety, lack of appetite, insomnia, sharp crying. Children older is a sign of lethargy, or vice versa, overexcitation. Often such children strive to lie down and fall asleep, moreover, at a time when they are usually cheerful and active.

The most common causeHeadaches in young children are viral colds that are recognized by weakness, fever, lacrimation, and other cold symptoms will not allow this state to be confused with anything.

With sinusitis, sinusitis, and also a number ofInflammations of the ear - throat - nose, too, there is a headache. The cause of the headache may be teething or dental disease. If the cause of headache is the ENT pathology, then, as a rule, at night, namely in the second half of the morning and the pain intensifies, and the day begins to weaken.

Well, if the cause is caused by a toothache or eruption, then the headache will be characterized by a tedious character, constancy, mild intensity, often subfebrile condition.

Tired eyes

Visual overload is also the causeThe occurrence of a headache. In this case, pain must be paid special attention, because it can signal a visual impairment (astigmatism, nearsightedness). Such a pain provokes a long watching TV, long reading, long games at the computer. In addition to the headache, it can cause redness of the eye proteins, dryness and itching in the eyes, redness of the eyelids.


Physical and even emotional overstrainIs another common cause of headache in children. Headache in children can often occur after stress, tension. Often the cause of the headache is that the child is in uncomfortable conditions for him, for example, high humidity, stuffiness, noise. In such cases, the pain concentrates around the forehead. Such pain can be characterized as pulsating, pressing, it usually passes in a couple of hours. In the event that the symptoms occur more often, indicates that the usual headache becomes chronic.

Intracranial pressure

Intracranial pressure is also the causeheadache. Symptoms of intracranial pressure can manifest from the first days of the child's life. Such children have no appetite, they refuse water, often regurgitate, there is a bulge of fontanel and strabismus. Children at an older age complain of pain in the nape, which is worse after sleep or a poured pain in the head. Such pains are characterized by a delay in mental development, increased irritability, in some cases violations of coordination of movements and convulsions were observed.

Dangerous Causes

The most dangerous causes of headaches in young children - brain concussion, brain tumor, meningitis.

Concussion is accompanied by acute pain immediatelyAfter getting injured, loss of consciousness, vomiting. If a severe head injury is obtained, show the doctor and do an x-ray of the skull, even if the symptoms begin to pass. Often after a few days, the condition begins to deteriorate.

When meningitis is characterized by a bursting growing headache, giving up in the neck. Also, with meningitis, there is a tension in the muscles of the back, an increase in body temperature, the appearance of a point red rash.

Tumor of the brain in young childrenIs rare. But if it is, it is accompanied by a prolonged pain in the nape, which increases after sleep, lethargy, nausea, vomiting, muscle weakness, increasing indifference. An accurate and rapid diagnosis can be made by computed tomography. In this case, the main thing is to call the specialist doctor promptly for qualified help and start treatment as quickly as possible.

Migraine as a cause of headacheKids are in last place. Usually migraine is manifested in children older than seven years. The provoking factors are head injuries, overload, eating disorders (hunger or overeating, use of "stimulants" such as coffee and chocolate). In young children, migraine is manifested by severe pain in the forehead area, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, nervousness.

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