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Jumpers, walkers: is it harmful for the child?

What are they needed for?

First you need to figure out whyIn general, these things are bought, are they really so necessary for the baby or, perhaps, they can, on the contrary, harm the development of the baby. It is known that in some countries traditional walkers are officially banned for sale, they can not be bought even in a specialized store. Is it really just that?

The fact is that a newborn child does notNeeds no distractions. From 24 hours during the day 20 hours the baby sleeps, the rest of the time - eats. But, as newborns grow very quickly, gradually they begin to develop better vision, the baby learns to turn over, grab toys, sit alone, crawl and, eventually, walk.

At each stage of development, the child is less and lessTime gives his own sleep and more and more awake. It is at this time that he needs to occupy himself with something fascinating. With the lifestyle of modern mothers, it is seldom possible to find time to borrow a developing game or a useful toy. And it is necessary to do this. Therefore, there is a need for special adaptations that develop and occupy the child at a time when the parents are busy with work or some household chores.

As you grow up, when the baby can alreadyIndependently to sit and crawl, many parents take to themselves various devices. The most common of these is the arenas. They are made of fairly soft materials, being in them, the child will not hurt himself. Mom can boldly cook, wash and do their household chores.

But the question of how safe and useful other devices - Baby jumpers, go-carts and different swings -Rather controversial. It is assumed that walkers should help the child learn to walk. A jumper - to develop the muscles of the legs. Is it really so? Alas, everything is not as rosy as we would like. Use and jumping, and walker is harmful to kids.

Why is it harmful for the child?

In fact, walkers do not teach at all. Conversely, sitting in a walker, the baby does not learn the skills to independently balance, he just moves, starting from furniture and walls. In addition, in the baby walker, the child does not have the opportunity to sit down, lie down on the floor and just relax. He must constantly be in an upright position, which overloads the children's spine excessively.

It should be understood that the original walkers wereInvented only as an adaptation for distracting the child for a while, to temporarily unload the parents. It was a really good idea, until modern parents began to abuse this achievement. With constant use of the walker, on the contrary, violate the course of normal child development. Such a child learns to walk much later than his peers who were not kept in a walker for a long time.

Another dubious "entertainment" for the child -Children's jumper. At first glance it seems that the kid enjoys when he jumps up and swings up and down. However, scientists have proved that this also does not contribute to the normal development of the child. Moreover, such entertainment can be dangerous.

You want to give the child a jump - the bestDecision, this is to go to an amusement park at a children's attraction for jumping. There, at least you can be near the child and keep track of his safety. At home, you are constantly distracted, and the child can inflict severe trauma on himself, being in jumpers. Too much pushing off the floor, he can dislocate or even break down (cases are not uncommon) legs, can hit the door jamb, get tangled in the straps, just get scared, tired and can not get out on their own.

From all this it is assumed that although childrenWalkers and jumpers are in open sale so far, the general opinion of doctors on their account is unequivocal: it is better to abstain from using them. They slow the child's development and often are just dangerous for him.

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