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How to raise a happy child

Constantly show the child how much you are happy to see him, For example, if it comes to you or goes toYou in the room. Try to smile as much as possible to him, calmly, without sucking, do it not only with your lips, but with your eyes. Not only adults, but also children like when they are called by name. If you do not quite understand the meaning of this behavior, put yourself in the place of the child and imagine how it would be nice if your arrival would be rejoiced by your loved ones as the coming of the summer.

Explain to the child that independent pastime is absolutely normal. After all, adults often need time to doTheir business or just to put themselves in order. There should be boundaries of your mutual communication with children. It's important for a kid to learn how to play with himself sometimes. After all, when a child plays himself, he develops his thinking, imagination and imagination. It is only necessary to correctly determine the type of occupation that the child would like to do while you are away. It is desirable, of course, that this occupation is television.

It is worth noting that in some cases the babyYou need to teach something to do alone (for example, draw). After all, the child may not like it, he is used to being entertained and just too lazy to do it himself.

In such a situation, try to gradually learnHim to some kind of occupation (drawing, molding from plasticine, etc.): first you will develop his imagination, then you will become an observant sitting next to you, and, after all, you can give an assignment and calmly do your business ( For example, "I'll come and guess what you've gotten blind").

Try to restrict the child's access to television and other media, Because they often submit negative informationAbout the world around us. And when a kid at such an age that only through you the world knows, why use such sources. But, if the child still watches TV, then include him nice kind cartoons, teaching and developing films and programs, etc.

To make a child happy, It is necessary to let him know that nothing is more important than him, especially work. It will be enough when doing a job orOrdinary domestic affairs just smile at the kid, talk to him. It is much more useful to listen to a child, even if he prevents you from completing something urgent, than to brush it aside and speak, so as not to interfere. Adults are more able to quickly switch attention and concentrate, we better adapt to the situation. But, unfortunately, more often due to its laziness, we do something that is simpler.

Here you may need your ingenuity and ability to explain. There must be rules in the house thatHelp maintain order and atmosphere in the house. The child must remember and perform them. Explain which of them will become the most important in your family, that is, when you go to eat, sleep, walk, etc. You do not need to prohibit things that are natural to him, but they are contrary to your order and your neighbors (for example, to jump or Screaming in the house).

Participate actively in educating your child. Do not give this process completely to childrenKindergarten or school. Correct, if necessary, fill in the blanks. Try to drive your baby in different sections or circles. All this will help the child to develop comprehensively, and also to decide what is most to his liking.

Be an example for your children. After all, children imitate adults. If you say one thing and do the opposite, then do not teach anything except hypocrisy. So let what you teach your children coincides with your words and actions.

If you decide to have a baby, it's worthPrepare for difficulties. It's a daily hard work - to raise a child correctly. Unfortunately, not all couples who are preparing to become moms and dads understand this. Very often we hear about such phrases as: "you do not have children, nobody gets it"; "We had a great rest, because it was with whom to leave the child"; "Do not bother Mom and Dad," etc. The upbringing of a happy child depends only on you, your readiness for hard work in this difficult matter. Do not forget about it.

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