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What kind of shoes to choose a child in the off-season?

To save the child from rains, slush and cold, you do notYou can. But to ensure its good, high-quality and reliable shoes you just can. As a result, everyone is happy, and the kid can frolic on the street, and parents are calm.

But where to start when the choice is so great. How not to overpay, and yet not fall for a fake? That's exactly what we are now and talk.

The basis of the basics.

Of course, in the off-season one pair of shoes you can not do. But there are a number of characteristics that will help you decide on shoes or shoes for all occasions.

The main characteristic of footwear for such a period as the off-season should be - waterproof.

Since puddles become an integral part of the transitionFrom one season to another. Well, some children, yes there are some, most children are very indifferent to these puddles are. Therefore, this phenomenon should be treated calmly and just well prepared for it.

How to determine if the shoes get wet? Such a characteristic as the ability to pass moisture inside will determine first of all the method of fixing the sole. Ideal for the offseason will be shoes, the sole of which is attached to the top in a way called "glue-cast". Such a sole will not pass through the moisture, since there are no stitches in it, as in the glutinous-piercing method, it does not peel off, which can make the sole solely attached to the glue.

If such miracle shoes were not available, you can choose a simple glue fixing, but keep in mind that such shoes should have a sole height of not less than one and a half centimeters.

Cold and wet.

What would not get lost in the variety of shoesPresented on the shelves of stores, immediately turn your attention to shoes or boots. Choose better on high soles, but not too much. Also, make sure that the shoes are light. Big weight makes it difficult to move and negatively affects the formation of the gait and the musculoskeletal system of the child.

Further we define with the material from whichShoes will be made for the child in the off-season. Of course, it is desirable that it be skin. Increase the water-repellent ability of this material will help special creams and sprays, which must be applied to clean shoes in the evening. If you forgot to do this, do not hastily brush your shoes or boots before you exit.

You can choose and shoes made from unnaturalMaterials, it is often cheaper than genuine leather, and does not let water pass. But also such shoes are deprived of the ability to "breathe". And if your baby does not soak his feet in a puddle, then in any case the legs will be wet with sweat. And it's not far to the cold.

If the concept of price does not bother you at all, andQuality above all, when deciding which shoes to choose a child, pay attention to the membrane shoes. Such footwear has a very important function - it constantly maintains the optimum temperature inside the shoes and does not allow moisture to pass through. At the same time, such shoes or boots require special care, so additional funds will be spent on care.

An interesting option for a colder period of the off-season can be shoes such as snowboots.

What are they? Usually it is a warm multi-layered boots, where special metalized foil acts as a heater, and there is a felt insert - "stocking". The heater is able to reflect the cold, and act as a temperature regulator inside the shoes. Such boots do not get wet, it is also possible to wear them without a stocking. What solves the problem of additional shoes with an unexpected thaw, or vice versa a sudden cooling. Thus, for an ode the parents can receive, and quality, and reliability and "two" sets of shoes for the child.

Well, without fail, keep brightRubber boots. For walking after heavy rain - this is a win-win option. But remember that such boots are more likely to be designed only for measuring puddles, but in no way for a permanent walk. Since the rubber leg is very steamed. Do not forget about the presence in these boots of the insulator, and thick soles.

Warm and dry.

For dry and warm weather the child will needBoots or boots without a heater. For dry weather suede shoes may suit. Choosing a child's shoes better with zippers or Velcro will make the process easier and more pleasant. But if you liked the model on laces - please, this is your choice. In addition to suede, from materials, you can stay on the skin, a combination of suede with leather, or boots / boots of textiles. Moreover, recently such models have become very popular.

Do not forget about the "healthy" function of shoes. First of all, it should be comfortable, to provide the foot with freedom, do not interfere with the correct formation of the foot and do not weight the gait. For dry weather, choose shoes on a thin sole with a small heel, and not a narrowed toe. The presence of a supinator is also welcome.

If the child has problems withFormation of the foot - before buying shoes, consult an orthopedist. You may need special orthopedic shoes, or simply use an orthopedic insole.

Which manufacturer to give preference toDomestic or imported - you decide. The main thing is that the manufacturer specializes in children's shoes, and not simply produce. Then you can be sure that your purchase will take into account all the features of the child's legs and allow it to be properly formed. Also, consider your child's preferences. After all, the best shoes are shoes that you like. If your baby will take an active part in choosing a new outfit, then such boots or boots will be worn with special pleasure.

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