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Fairy tales for children from 0 to 3 years old

What happens when parents read stories to a child?

After all, this is not only reading, developing someSkills, but also a deep educational process. Good and honest heroes always win, harmful and unsympathetic characters remain fools. These unshakable postulates form the future attitude to the world around the toddlers, at this time the notions of duty, honor, good, evil, love and compassion are fixed and fixed forever. Fairy tales fill the soul of children, teach them the desire to achieve the goal, make them a full-fledged person. After all, it is not for nothing that grandmothers have told tales to their grandchildren from generation to generation. That is why the choice of fairy tales is a responsible matter, because what will be embedded in the child's mind will necessarily reflect on his adult life.

Fairy tales for the youngest.

Children under one year do not understand much of what they read. Many will think, they say, why read the fairy-tales, years of my child is still very little. The main thing in this age is intonation, articulation. Using these observations, the children begin to repeat the spoken sounds and words for adults, imitate their manner of communication. They awaken the child's imagination, imagination, thinking. Tales at this age should be as simple as possible, with often recurring words and sentences, with few heroes. These are different fabulous poems - poteshki, counters, jokes. They do not contain dialogues, complex words, long sentences. Most often the words are arranged rhythmically, which allows them to be used simultaneously with the conduct of any actions.

Among them there are all known "Goats a horned goat""Soroka Beloboka" and many other similar in style fairy tales-jokes. They can be told at any time when the child eats, when you dress him, wash, conduct any hygienic procedures. Simultaneously with the concentration of the child develops memory, soon the baby will react to your words by appropriate actions. You will accustom a child to the joy of reading, he will wait for your words, poteshki and pleasant communication. At the age of 4-5 months, you can recommend such fairy tales - nursery rhymes like Kisonka-Murlisonka, "Burn, clear," "Because of the forest, because of the mountains," "Little feet ran along the path," and others.

Fairy tales for older children.

Children up to 3 years old can read the same fairy tales, but, alreadyGiving them the opportunity to memorize and pronounce the words together with their parents. Starting with the simplest words and imitating the sounds that animals and birds utter. Short sentences are learned easily and children are happy to demonstrate their success. A little later you can practice elementary reading by roles. For example, in a famous fairy tale "Teremok" parents say "Who is who in the house lives?" And they show the frog in the picture to the child. Kid with pleasure will continue "Kva, kva, it's me, frog-Kvakushka". Such first steps of role-playing teach the children of mindfulness, interaction, develop figurative thinking and creative abilities. At this time, the child will begin to realize how to act well, and how badly. To fairy tales, which are good to read after six months with the child, you can include "Repka", "Kolobok", "Kurochka-ryaba" and many others.

What do fairy tales teach?

After a year and a half - two years, a child with pleasureWill listen to more complex tales that have in their construction long sentences and more complex relationships of characters. The child learns to empathize, compare, evaluate the norms of behavior. You can read long stories for children, stopping at an interesting place. Let the child have the opportunity to think, assess the situation and the plot, empathize with the heroes. Let the children learn with impatience to wait for the continuation, when you again plunge into the magical and mysterious world of fairy tales. At this age you can read the works "Cat and Fox", "Geese-swans", "Masha and the Bear", "Three Little Pigs", "Sister Alenushka and Brother Ivanushka", "Boy with a finger" and others. Interesting are the books of modern authors, for example V. Suteev "Elka", "Who said Meow?", "Bag of apples".

Do not be surprised if your child will askRe-read the tale countless times. Children perfectly remember the plot, but they want to make sure again that everything has remained in its place. Repka is still pulled all together, Alyonushka finds her brother, and Masha will return safely home. At this age, children need a sense of stability, a sense of confidence in justice and the victory of good.

Russian folk tales.

The most suitable fairy tales for the spiritualDevelopment of children were and still are Russian folk tales. They contain a lot of information from our ancestors. You can read Pushkin's fairy tales, they are easy to read and cause children's special interest. Many believe that in these tales a lot of terrible things. However, this "fantastic fear" is also an educational and developing process. The child learns to experience unpleasant moments, knowing that in the future everything will end well. He learns to cope with his fears and in the future, growing up, he will be prepared for this feeling.

When choosing fairy tales for children from 0 to 3 years, specialAttention should be paid to the quality of the book and its design. Favorite book can not let a child out of the hands all day, even to sleep with her. Therefore, the printing materials must be of good quality, the cover is made of solid cardboard, the sheets are thick, thick. Specially look at the quality and style of the pictures. The depicted heroes must be recognizable, similar to their real prototypes (the dog should look like a dog, the bear on a bear). Their size should also correspond, for example, the mouse is not bigger than the cat, and the house is no less than domestic animals. Materials and paints used for making books must be absolutely safe for children.

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