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How to explain to a child what sex is

Where to begin.

Parents with their gestures and touchesPass on to the child a pattern of behavior in which love occurs between a man and a woman. The child learns this model if the parents love each other. If parents do not have the best relationships, do not show false feelings. A child can not be deceived, because he reads real emotions with gestures.

The time comes when our children start askingQuestions "about this", which put us at a dead end. Most often this occurs at the age of 4-6 years. The Kid is waiting for a detailed answer to the question asked. In no case can you leave his curiosity unanswered, otherwise you can generate serious complexes and sexual deviations. But answer the questions asked in small portions. Pay attention to the child's reaction - whether your answer satisfied him. It is not necessary to evade the answer, because to questions that have not received an answer, he will find the answer in his fantasies. Do not read the answer from the medical encyclopedia. In the encyclopedia, the sexual act is presented as a mechanical process. But you really want to hear a child that sex is not just physiology. That he was born because of your affection and affection for each other. Sometimes children know the truth and, asking you a question, check you, tell you the truth or not. So you should not tell them lies.

Sometimes a child asks questions inThe right time and in the wrong place. Parents do not have time to explain that sex is an important part of family life. So promise him that you will talk to him at another time and do not break your promise. If you leave this problem, the child will seem that he is asking about something bad. It may have certain complexes. If you can not answer the questions, then find an alternative. It can be done for you by a doctor, a psychologist, and maybe a book that will be answered will help. Do not tell the baby "you will grow up - you will know". Do not translate the topic into another conversation, because he will still find out, but from what sources - it is unknown. And do not pretend that you did not hear.

Age features.

Usually at the age of 5 - 6 years, children know muchMore than you think. But his knowledge is full of fantasies and fears. It happens that the child does not ask any questions. But this does not mean that his questions about sex are not interested. It can talk about his embarrassment. For this case, buy him a book for children on this topic. The main thing is that you are satisfied with the information that is given in the book. You can read it with the child. Do not ask your child any questions, so as not to embarrass him.

The children of 7-8 years have more detailed questions. It is more convenient for a boy to discuss them with his father. But if there is no pope, or he is embarrassed to speak on the given topic - entrust it to another man whom he trusts. Suffer godfather, uncle, family friend. It can also be a doctor and a psychologist. With the son, Mom should not speak, so as not to cause confusion. You do not need to force your father to talk to your son if your father can not or does not want to talk about sexual relations between men and women. In conversation with the daughter, this responsibility should be borne by the mother. It is necessary to tell about monthly bleeding. Explain that this is a normal phenomenon that nature sent to a woman to conceive a future child. That every girl should have a month's period. It should not be said that this is some kind of punishment. Do not talk on this subject so that the child does not have an aversion to his body. Do not start this conversation too early, and vice versa - it's too late when it all started.

All girls, with rare exceptions, are afraidGynecologist. When the child has begun menstruation, it is advisable to go to a doctor for a consultation. The doctor himself will explain to the girl what it is and how to behave. Do not lead your daughter to the doctor who is observed. According to psychologists, the sexuality of the daughter and mother should be separated from each other. For a child at this age it is better to find a female doctor. When you bring your daughter to a gynecologist, do not stand near him when you are examined. Better stand behind the screen or leave the office. If you or someone you know does not have very pleasant memories from going to this doctor, do not tell your child.

In fact, it's not so difficult to explain to a child what sex is. The main thing is to be tactful.

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