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Educational toys for blind children

Perception of the world is different.

Partially blind or blind children perceive the worldOther sense organs, it is more difficult for them to adapt and understand everything that surrounds them. They need extra time and special support to develop those skills that are much easier for the sighted children. It is easy to understand that educational toys for blind children are the first and practical only assistant in stimulating the sense organs.


Toys that you choose for children shouldCorrespond to their interests. Some kids love outdoor games, others prefer a quiet pastime. It is important to assess the addiction of your child and buy such a toy that will not only be interesting to spend time, but will also develop the necessary life skills and abilities.
Children who can not see appreciate the world with other senses.

Characteristics of toys for blind children.

Educational toys for blind children should beDifferent in texture, size, weight, have other differences in the field of tactile sensations. Well, if the toys have a lot of buttons, holes, switches, rotary mechanisms. This allows the child to learn to evaluate the type of objects through their research. The difference in texture, for example rough, fluffy, gliding and smooth surfaces, will allow the child to compare the properties of objects and distinguish them only by touch, without using visual images. This is a very important skill for blind children. The more variety of sensations you provide the child with toys, the more he will have the ability to quickly and correctly determine the surrounding environment in the future.

Toys of small sizes.

With the help of compound toys, as puzzles, childrenThey will appreciate small objects as part of a larger whole. Any small objects that are difficult to take with your fingers develop small motor skills in your children. And this, as scientists have shown, stimulates brain activity. Therefore, such toys are useful not only for ordinary children, they will especially help kids with limited vision. Small toys should be in children of any age. For the little ones, toys that can not be taken in the mouth or hurt themselves are suitable. Well, if they have a small pattern, available for probing or changing shape. They should wash well, as children always pull the toy into the mouth. For children with limited eyesight of any age, it is better to choose toys that are comparable to the size of the child, otherwise it will be difficult for them to make an integral image of the subject.

Story-role games.

Teach children to communicate and will feelSelf-confidence, various story-role games. This requires heroes - dolls, theatrical toys, toy interior of children's rooms, utensils, soft toys.
Familiarity with the complex world of technology and physicalLaws can begin with a variety of mechanical toys. They need to be selected carefully, so that the management is not too difficult, and the blind child could deal with it independently. It can be cars, designers, models of other equipment. It is important to teach the child to use such toys, explain to him the differences in their actions, because he can get a description of these subjects only from the speech of adults and his own sensations.
No less important in the development of blind children isThe ability to distinguish sounds. To do this, any games that produce sound when you click on buttons or toys - repeaters. You can play with the child together, teach him to determine the strength of sound depending on the distance. Far - hard to hear. You come closer - better. This will teach blind children to correctly assess the distance to the object, it is better to navigate in space. This is one of the most important problems in the development of blind children.

Educational toys with Braille.

Toys designed for blind and visually impaired children with Braille. With their help you can teach children to read and count.
Great importance in the education of blind childrenAssigned to their physical form. Therefore, any children's sports equipment and devices will make it possible to intensify the life of the child, to support muscles in tone. Physically developed children will be able to participate in joint games, sports competitions, their lives will be more interesting and rich.
All these toys are different for each ageGroup. Usually the recommended age for toys is the recommended age, however, in the case of purchasing a toy for blind children, it is necessary to take into account the fact that their development may lag somewhat behind. In this case, toys need to be bought, taking into account individual development features, perhaps, to take those that are intended for younger age.

Toys for children of bright colors.

Some children, despite their visual problems,Are able to distinguish between light and perceive colors. Therefore, they are suitable toys bright colors, with the use of lights, flashing light bulbs. Such effects allow you to activate the work of the optic nerves, improve the response.
For the blind, the toy is the only way givingThe idea of ​​the surrounding things (in fact, you can not really feel a real bear). Therefore, when choosing a toy, it is necessary to evaluate the correctness of its proportions, the reality of the form, other typical signs that are characteristic of one or another object. Otherwise, correctly representation of the child about such things can be violated.


There are modern gadgets - toys thatSet the goal of developing blind creativity of blind children. For example, there are devices for creating paintings. Drawing is done using a special device, which uses the Braille font to set the required color. Of course, the child himself will not be able to see his masterpiece, but he will please his relatives or participate in exhibitions or other events. Such toys contribute to the correct evaluation of personal characteristics, give the opportunity to feel a full member of society, raise self-esteem.

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