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How to choose the right shoes?

One of the problematic questions is: "How to choose the right shoes for children?".

Rules for all.

Coming to the store for brand new shoes, weWe usually face the problem of choice. Since the shelves are simply made with shoes, from different manufacturers for every taste and purse. In order to make the right choice, you need to remember a few important rules. Firstly, do not save on children's shoes, even if they are ordinary room slippers, especially shoes, but do not pursue a high price. After all, price does not always mean quality. Buy shoes only those manufacturers who specialize in such shoes. Such manufacturers take into account all the specifics in the development of models, and not just stamp small shoes. The shoes you choose must match the size of the foot, do not press, do not slap and sit tightly on the foot. If you want to take "for growth", an allowable difference in the size of the floor, taking into account the possibility of a good fixation of shoes on the leg. It is best to choose shoes on a simple buckle, so that the child does not have difficulties with it. If you take children's shoes with lacing - it's better that they be provided with a fixative, or do it yourself. The necessary fixatives can be purchased in stores with sewing accessories. Of course, the materials are better to give preference to natural skin, although at a price it is more expensive, but your child's health will depend on it - that means not before saving.

These were general recommendations, and now in order.

Standing near the counter.

The first sign that we choose things -appearance. Children's shoes also did not become the exception. Therefore, when you come to the store, first of all pay attention to those shoes that you liked externally. Next, look at the manufacturer, let the child measure, and make sure that it is really convenient. Earlier, parents gave more preferences to foreign footwear, but modern domestic production did not lag far behind the western one. Therefore, many began to support the domestic manufacturer, especially since such shoes are usually cheaper.

The following that you must take into account that the mainThe criterion of children's fashion is convenience and comfort. If adults sweep from the shelves fashionable sharp-nosed models, then this should not apply to the child, whose leg is just beginning to form. Knock out those shoes where the feet and fingers will be in their natural, free position, without any embarrassment.

Shoes should be soft and easy to adapt toAnatomical shape of the foot. It is also important that the material of which the footwear is made, let the leg breathe, and at the same time do not let the moisture in the middle.


Often during fitting, children can notIndependently, fully appreciate them in shoes or not, so parents should take care of this. To choose children's shoes is necessary with the calculation of the purpose of their further application. If you take shoes for every day - preference is best given to closed shoes that will fit well on the leg. If this is a front-end option - here more be guided by an attractive appearance, without forgetting about the necessary characteristics. Not bad, if such children's shoes also have a fixation.

Also do not ignore the flexibilitySoles. Do not be shy to attach the shoe chosen by you in the direction from the toe to the ally. Thus, you determine what resistance the shoes have, which in the future can affect the protection of the foot when jumping to a hard surface. Usually with such landings, it is possible to get injuries and deformation of the bone and joints. A good cushion sole will be the best fuse.

When choosing shoes on a heel, make sure that the sole is not too thin. In other cases, the thinner the soles of children's shoes - the better.

Specialists recommend for children to choose shoesWith a small heel and a supinator and a relatively large area of ​​the sole. This will help to form the correct gait, to stand firmly on the ground, and not to fall back when walking.

A big little secret.

Few people know that the convenience of our chosen shoesIt will also depend on the half of the day it was bought. This dependence can be justified by the fact that our legs tend to increase in the evening. The difference is not great, but still significant. So our legs are 5% larger in volume, about 3 mm. Longer and somewhere 1 cm larger in width. Therefore, if you want to buy shoes for a child, in which he can stay all day and do not feel particularly uncomfortable - plan a purchase for the second half of the day. In doing so, do not forget to take into account the natural deformation of the foot under the body weight, and always measure the shoes in a standing position.

Do not rush to buy shoes back to back, but notPrefer shoes two sizes larger. First, you risk a month later to go for a new pair, as the baby's leg grows quickly. Secondly, large shoes will cause slipping when walking, and, accordingly, traumatize the foot. The maximum difference in the "plus" that you can afford is determined by the thickness of the little finger of an adult, or about 1 cm. The distance is measured from the sock to the child's fingers.

The right choice of childrenShoes, for children in which there are deviations in the locomotor apparatus. For such needs, there is a special orthopedic children's shoes. The main task of such footwear is the correct physiological formation of the joints, feet, and prevention of foot and musculoskeletal disorders.

Each parent wants to give his child everything only the best, knowing these small rules, you can easily realize your desire to live. And let your baby grows active and healthy.

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