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A child talks in a dream

It seems to some parents that if a childTalking during sleep, it means that this is not normal, and rather lead him to specialists. But one does not need to draw conclusions so suddenly. Numerous medical studies have proven that every twentieth person can talk in a dream, and among young children this happens even more often. This phenomenon can be explained by the fact that in children the nervous system is not strong, but in adults it is basically stable.

In principle, conversation in a dream can not do much harmHealth, and even, on the contrary, helps to adapt to the environment. All that has accumulated in the psyche of the child for a day - positive or negative emotions, experiences, become peculiar stresses. And all this is reflected in a dream in the form of an incoherent babble, since the brain in young children is not fully developed. Somnilokvia - so scientifically called speech activity in a dream.

For what reasons does the baby talk in a dream?

Bright emotions.

The main reason that provokes the baby toConversation in a dream is considered to be a day's stress. In this case, stress is not a negative phenomenon. These can be vivid emotions or reactions to various events. And if nothing supernatural happened, then there is no need to worry, and even more so, there is no need to consult a doctor. Also, you do not need to give your child sedative medications or water her with herbal remedies. If the child takes sedative medications, then this should be a course of treatment under the supervision of a specialist.

When a child does not show neurotic symptoms and can see that he just babbles in a dream, he should not be treated. But you need to pay attention to some rules:

  • Not to give the child much overexcitement,
  • More to be in the open air,
  • Do not let me watch TV until late,
  • Keep a quiet environment in the family,
  • Ventilate the child's room and maintain the optimum temperature.

And if the baby reacts inadequately to a cry orCrying, then you can consult a doctor. The neurologist will prescribe a course of treatment with medicinal products that have nootropic or metabolic effects. They soothe the child's sleep and behavior, improve blood circulation in the brain.

Transition between phases of sleep.

Conversations in a dream at children still explainTransition from one phase of sleep to another, because this process has not yet been established in the child's unformed body. The phases of human sleep are divided into fast and slow, which periodically alternate with each other after 90-120 minutes. According to the results of the study of doubt, scientists believe that the conversation happens in the phase of slow, superficial sleep, during sleep, when the person still reacts to different sounds. Speech activity occurs in the phase of fast sleep, during which there are dreams, shaking limbs and there are rapid movements of eyeballs. At a time when the child is not awake, after saying a few words, further sleeps, parents do not need to worry. It's enough just to caress the child and calm him with lulling words.

Getting new knowledge.

Very young children who do not know how toSpeak, too, there is a "dream". Those words or phrases that the baby says in a dream are the result of the knowledge gained over the past day. Pronounced new words during sleep, young children are already consciously repeating in reality. Therefore, parents can rejoice, and not worry, as the child begins to develop and replenishes his baggage of words and knowledge.

Nervous pathology.

It should be noted, if the speechActivity in the baby during sleep is accompanied by elements of anxiety - it is quite possible that these are signs of nervous pathology. Independently you can identify problems with the nervous system in children by other signs. These are such signs as, for example, during a conversation in a dream, the child becomes covered with small sweat, screams in a dream, sweats badly, sees nightmares in a dream, can show signs of sleepwalking, tantrums, when he wakes up, does not understand where he is. They can mean a mental disorder. And here in this case it is already necessary to address to experts - the neurologist, the psychologist, the somnologist, and, not postponing. But before, before going to the doctor, it is necessary to find out from the child what is bothering him, maybe he is afraid of something. This should help in establishing the correct diagnosis.

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