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Teenage fashion as self-expression of its "I"

Teenage fashion: what is behind all this?

It's not a secret for anyone that it's in the teenAge at full speed begins to go the formation of personality, and at the same time, the search for your niche in society. That is why teenage fashion, as self-expression of its self, is considered to be the main factor in finding a teenager of his style, not only in clothes, but in life. After all, it is very important for a teenager to feel his belonging to some youth group. Just this accessory is very clearly manifested in the style of clothes. Plus, in this case, very clearly there is a teenage craving and the desire to become like someone of their idols. But here it is always worth considering the fact that teenagers perceive everything new in fashion and style much easier and they do not have any difficulty in changing their style or manners of behavior. This also includes a period of constant search for the inner "I", which finds its reflection in the youth subculture.

Fashion teenagers and subculture

Proceeding from all this, let's togetherGet acquainted with the most common subcultures among young people, through which fashion, as self-expression, helps the teenager to find himself in the world. By the way, we all know that pink is like blondes, yellow is for leaders, but that black and violet is very popular among young people aged 16 and over, a pattern that few people know. The same can be said for special youth groups, when young people come to school with gothic make-up or piercings in the lip and try to show their "I", surprising others with their appearance. By the way, hanging out with these "dudes", they already stand out from the gray mass. In front of you are the most common types of psychology and new types of psychology that show your self-expression through an unusual style of dress and appearance.

Glamors. As a rule, they know all the latest fashion noveltiesAnd world brands by heart. Girls are always stand out fashionable trend shoes, and guys are stylish hair. This fashion expresses the desire of adolescents to get into the world of glamor and to become equal with adults.

Rappers. Representatives of this style are slightly versed in theBrands and adhere to always the same standards. A-lya trousers - trousers and a stretch-size T-shirt - this is the style that helps them feel all the ease of life every day. As a rule, these teenagers are creative people, but they have not yet fully found themselves in this world.

Goths. Dark-black makeup, pierseng under the lower lip,Corsets and black sweatshirts - this style is ready. This group of adolescents is considered to be the most susceptible to panic and depression. Most likely, this is due to the black color, which necessarily dominates their clothing. These people very clearly demonstrate their inner world, covering it with black.

EMO. Real EmoKids wear ragged jeans, a bunchToys attached to the bag, paint their nails with black lacquer and emphasize the eyes with a black shade of shadows. These teenagers are suffering a difficult transition age, their self-expression is demonstrated through the release of emotions.

Sport. Such adolescent nature adores sportsfashion style. Most of the time, most of the teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 fall into this group. This style carries in itself sneakers of every possible colors, funny t-shirts, jackets and sports trousers. These people are very easy to communicate and have great taste in almost everything.

Search for self-expression through details

A huge role in the appearance of a teenager is played by details that help him to assert himself and to know the depths of his inner world.

Varied hairstyles. Experimenting with hair and hair color - is typical not only of girls, but also of boys in adolescence. Today, each youth movement has its own preferences in hairstyles. Guys can let go of hair, girls, on the contrary, get a haircut. Especially the adolescents are moving towards expressing themselves through the color of their hair, changing it almost every week.

Earring in the ear. Guys, trying to podgorzhat their idols, pierce their ear and wear an earring. If a guy pierces his left ear - he is a music lover, right - he refers to people with non-traditional sexual orientation. But there are no clear definitions for this act, just a young man wants to stand out from the crowd.

Piercing. Today young people pierce themselves almost everything: navel, tongue, nose, eyebrows, lips. This is another way to show your eccentricity and personality to others.

Tattoo. So young people can admit to love, show their creative nature or simply follow the principle: "I'm fashionable!".

Features of clothes

Looking at modern youth, you can immediatelySay that they are trying with all their might to draw attention to themselves and this is noticeable in them. Of the most common fashion trends among young people today are known: unisex (fashion that does not have sexual characteristics) - it's wide-cut trousers, loose shirts, tight knit sweaters, skirts to the knee, caps, bandanas, and accessories of voluminous beads, baubles And a sports backpack. The most popular world brands in the world of youth are adidas, myo-mio, Macwells, Avirex, Urbano, Timberland, Pelle Pellet and many others.

Also among modern youth you can see andBusiness style of clothing, represented by classical clothing (suits, high heels, tie). These teenagers already from a young age express their desire to be serious people.

And the last. Every teenager is an individual. That's why all young people can safely afford to appear in public and manifest themselves in a unique style that is peculiar only to him. Through such clothes, the child demonstrates the self-expression "I", which he tries to bring to the fore. Here it is worth remembering that appearance is an important part of his concept of himself as a person. That's why clothing is the best way to express yourself in society.

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