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Rules for the formation of adequate self-esteem

We offer you 7 rules of formationAdequate self-esteem in the child, which will help in time your child to clearly understand who he is and what place he takes in the world around him. Remember that children come to normal self-esteem with the help and awareness that they are valued and selflessly loved by the closest people - parents. That's why parents, in the first place, need to create an atmosphere of love and mutual understanding for their child. Only after that the child, when he grows up, can not be afraid to express his thoughts, make responsible decisions and without any difficulties to cope with life's difficulties. So, before you seven steps to the formation of a positive, objective, healthy self-esteem.

Love for the child

Of course, all parents love their children and do notAfraid to say it out loud. But, no matter how strange it may sound, it is from good intentions that many parents make mistakes. Of course, there are no absolutely ideal parents in the world who would observe all the rules of upbringing and always make the right decisions in its process. But the mother and father should equally treat their child with respect and understanding. Do not save on time spent with the child. Do not forget to walk with the baby, play, play sports, do homework, help to develop imagination and so on. It is worth remembering that any joint activity should radiate positive and joy for both you and your child. Sincere communication with the baby will give him full opportunity to feel what you see in his childish image of a little man with whom you want to spend time and make friends. After all, the child's immature thinking is always based on the perception of the world around him, as a way of satisfying his desires and needs. The child always concentrates on what he sees, and does not think through logical reasoning.

At the stage of the formation of the child's personality is not necessaryCompare it with other children. It's clear that when you talk about how a neighbor child beautifully holds his back, you want your child to be the best, but when he grows up, he will become a self-confident person, with a low self-esteem. So you will not achieve an adequate self-assessment at all. Suggestion is from the very childhood, and the formation of adequate self-esteem. Remember this!

Develop a sense of competence in the baby

When forming an adequate and correct formExpressing your self and self-confidence, it will be nice if you reveal a sense of competence in the child. This will help him to realize himself in all spheres of life. Do so that the kid could do many things with his own hands, solve problems and rely only on his own strength, and this all brought him pride in the achievements made by himself. Find the field of activity where your child will be able to prove himself from the very best side. For example, developing a good singing or drawing skill will help raise his self-esteem and confidence in his abilities and abilities. Remember that one success breeds the pursuit of the next!

Encourage as many children and less punish him

It is important that the child is praised not only for himParents, but also strangers. Create for the child such conditions that his efforts could be appreciated by others. This all will play a significant role in raising his self-esteem. By the way, it will not be superfluous to say that some of the children do not like it when they praise someone, not him. If you notice this, try to develop in your child a sense of benevolence.

To praise a child should also be right, find that "golden middle" for which your baby should receive praise.

And yet, often parents because of moods orDisobedience of the child apply severe punishment to him: they reproach, express their displeasure and even threaten them in a severe form. This negatively affects the upbringing of the child, reducing his attachment to the parents, and causes feelings of anger and hatred with age. Empty threats also do not bring good, if the parents promised to punish - let it do it. But remember, everything can be achieved with the right tone of conversation, and not screaming and scolding!

You do not need to demand the impossible from the child

Always worth keeping the balance. On the one hand, it is necessary for the child to gain experience, and on the other, not to overload it. Experts advise to determine the self-esteem of a baby with a special formula. This formula includes two ways of raising self-esteem. In the first case, self-esteem can be improved with the help of effective achievements in a variety of activities, and in the second case, with a decrease in the level of aspiration. Remember that the child's claims must meet his permissible potentials and abilities. Only in this way will he achieve success, and his self-esteem will become adequate.

Encourage your child to be a good person

All parents want to see their children happy,And that they were good. But for this it is necessary to teach the child to do good deeds and get pleasure from it, which will raise his self-esteem. Let the child have constant practical advice that will educate him in responsibility, independence, kindness and competence. All this will help him acquire a high self-esteem and self-esteem. By the way, it is best to do this with the help of kind and instructive books.

Criticize as little as possible a child

Basic rules for the formation of healthy self-esteemThey say that it is not worthwhile to notice all the blunders and failures of the child and to hang labels on it. If he overturned the glass, do not call it "awkward." Such words can, due to frequent use, kill a child's self-esteem, reduce his self-esteem, making him believe that he is. Discard the "sharp" lines. Remember that with praise and support, he will get a lot and he will grow up with adequate self-esteem!

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