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To put the baby out of the bottle

How to wean the child from a bottle?

  • Dilute the milk with the water that he consumesFrom a bottle, well and in a cup pour not diluted. The principle "tasty-tasteless" operates. When the baby is addicted to being satisfied without a bottle in the middle of the day, you can go on to the subsequent ways of eating.
  • Adopt the following thoughts to intrigue the baby: let the child choose from several attractive cups or decorate with him a cup from which he is already drinking.
  • The following method is applied in the case of children fromYear and older, when they are extremely tightly tied to a bottle and catch it as something more than just a food informer. For them, the "step by step" method is not suitable. It will become the most traumatic and the least successful. With this option, you must take away the bottle once and for all. How to do it right:
  1. Prepare the baby. About seven days before this action, tell him that he is no longer small, it is time to say goodbye to the bottle.
  2. Any next day before a significant event remind him about it.
  3. Next, hide all the bottles from the apartment and show that there are no more.
  4. Allow the child to participate in the process. Tell him that you imagine how difficult it is for him to part with a bottle, although it is necessary if he is already rather big.
  5. Think of him as a reward for the fact that he had the opportunity all day to behave properly and not be capricious.
  6. Keep a cup of water or juice available for free when it becomes too hard to ask for a bottle.
  7. Try to find together with the childSubstitution, an object that will help him not to miss the bottle. For example, when he is bored, he is given the opportunity to hug his own teddy bear, etc.
  8. Using this method, you can not take away the bottle, and then suddenly feel sorry for the baby, go backwards.
  • Enough interesting method of weaning the baby fromBottles is contained in the following. It is necessary to demonstrate to the child what to eat from a cup is simply appetizing, rather than from a bottle. How can I arrange this? Some mothers deliberately slightly reschedulate the liquid in a bottle or put too little sugar. The baby tries not tasty, but the mother gives him a cup. And there it is just appetizing!

The process of parting with a bottle sometimes does not follow as smoothly as you want, it contains in itself and experiments, and gaffes, and tears. Although, when you decide, sooner or later you will achieve the effect.

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