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What kind of children's shoes to choose for the winter

There was chosen the most optimal product, most oftenThe main criterion was the appearance, and all the happy ones drove home. Today, the process of choosing children's shoes is more laborious and takes more time. To choose shoes simply in appearance will not be any mom, and the price often plays too much a big role. So it turns out that the wardrobe of the child takes the most part, both the family budget and time. After all, no one wants to save on health, especially when it comes to the baby.

In the modern footwear marketA lot of models of shoes for every taste and color from different manufacturers. What only usually do not come up to attract to the window of a small buyer and his parents. But the only thing that pleases me in this is that moms and dads are unshakable in their zeal to combine good quality for reasonable money, and that's why they are seldom visited. Then let's determine what it is, this children's footwear, which deserves our attention?

Season's novelty

Recently, often on store shelves withChildren's shoes can be noticed boots and boots with a strange mark Gore-Tex, Sympatex, or just Tec. No, this is not a brand of the manufacturer, so they mark modern high-tech shoes made of synthetic materials. It is to this type of footwear is popular now membrane shoes.

Outwardly, such footwear is veryAttractive, and also it is light and comfortable. This footwear is also interesting because its warmth depends on the activity of the child. Therefore, if you have a small "awl", which does not sit still for a minute, such shoes are for you. Usually the manufacturer recommends such shoes for temperatures up to -0. Children who are inactive, it is better to reject such an option at once. In the case of love for sitting in place and calm games will not save even an extra sock - the leg will freeze.

A small disadvantage is that for such shoesYou have to pay a little more than the rest, and it requires additional care. But there is a good news - choosing such shoes, you can not spend money on shoes in the off-season. These shoes are lightweight and do not let moisture pass, so it's great for such periods. It is also worth noting that such shoes, although synthetic, but has a rare ability to control the temperature inside the shoes.

Rubber boots in frost?

Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret, it was rubber and it was inFrost and snow, for puddles and snowdrifts. Do not think, it's not about ordinary rubber boots, as we used to represent them. This refers to the novelty of last season - snowboots. This kind of shoe outside looks like a pair of rubberized boots with synthetic top or inserts from a rubberized suede. The secret of this shoe is in a warmer and felt felt inside. So it turns out that the top does not allow the foot to get wet, and the inside - to freeze. A big advantage of such shoes is that the insulation is easily removed from the boots, which makes it possible to use them safely in the off-season. Also snowbuts are suitable for children of any age. Often, such shoes are adjusted throughout the lifting laces or ties, which makes it possible for the boots to sit tightly on the baby's leg. The cost of such shoes is relatively small, but fully justifies itself.

Valenki again in fashion

All new is well forgotten old, and fashionSlowly begins to return to the felt boots. On the convenience and democracy in the price policy of such shoes and not worth talking about. Moreover, if you combine the former quality with modern technology, you can get a product that is ideal for children of all ages. There is only one disadvantage in this type of footwear: lack of diversity in the model range. But when it comes to health, there's no fashion.

Classics of the genre

For parents who do not trust technology andPrefer proven options, there are many models of classic leather children's shoes in fur. Boots and boots can be selected for the winter for a child of any age. Such shoes on the pedicel have the greatest number of pluses and minuses. First, plus is the naturalness of both the leather or suede, and the fur inside. Also, the presence of a large number of models and a good appearance will be positive. Next comes the price, which is quite flexible. This allows you to choose the most optimal option. Well, at this the pros of this shoe ends. Now about the minuses. Initially, the minus will be the ability of this shoe to get wet. Therefore, long in such boots or boots on snowdrifts, and even more so in puddles you will not take a walk. The second negative factor will be the possibility of a leg to sweat in such shoes, especially if the child is very active. Usually, such shoes are recommended to buy on a thick sole and it is considered that it is warmer. But it does not take into account the fact that a thick sole can be heavy - which also affects the child's legs negatively.

Another classic option may beOrdinary boots in combination with galoshes, as they say - cheap and angry. But now it is seldom possible to see a child in such shoes, especially since there are new developments of felt boots, which we mentioned above.

To decide, of course, to you, see that the shoes wereFrom the manufacturer, who specializes in children's shoes, and not just sews it. Do not forget to inspect the model you have chosen, both from the outside and inside, and take into account the child's sensations when fitting. Try to avoid shoes on the laces, since the child is often difficult to cope with them, which complicates the process of dressing shoes. It is better to choose shoes or boots on the lock, screed or Velcro. Remember that you do not need to save on shoes, even if your budget is not so big - you can choose the option that suits you. After all, the main thing when choosing children's shoes for the winter is to find a compromise between quality, price and your preferences.

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