/ Features of charging for children's eyes.

Features of charging for children's eyes.

Charge for the eyes of a young child

Usually children of this age watch TV a lot. The result is tired and reddened eyes. To relieve tension, do the following with him:

  • Quickly blink your eyes, close your eyelids and sit quietly for 5-10 seconds.
  • Close your eyes tightly for 5 seconds, open your eyes, look into the distance and hold your eyes for 5 seconds.
  • Pull the right hand in front of you, slowly move your index finger to the right and left, up and down, watching the finger movements with a look.
  • Slowly rotate your eyes left and right, several times in a circle.
  • Sit on a chair, palm rest in the belt, turn your head to the right, do not bend, and look at the left elbow, then do the opposite.
  • Gently press your index fingers on closed eyelids, gently massaging them.

Such charging for the eyes of children is recommendedSpend every day, preferably in the evening, repeating each exercise 5-6 times. This complex of exercises is suitable for preschool children starting from two years old.

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Charge for schoolchildren

At school age, the load on the children's eyesEspecially amplifies - children spend a lot of time behind the computer and books, and at this time eyes are exposed to a great strain. For them, a special charge is developed:

1. To relieve tension from the eyes, you should sit on a chair, closing your eyes with your hands, without pressing: the right and left palms, respectively, the right and left eyes. After that, you need to relax and look before yourself, imagining something pleasant in your mind. This exercise is recommended to be performed every day for 10-15 minutes - vision really improves.

2. Very important breaks in the process of classes (whether a long reading a book or working at a computer). It is necessary to get up from the chair and walk around the room, making a circular motion round the head 10 times clockwise and as much the opposite. Then you need to alternately first right, and then with your left hand, grab the opposite shoulder, then stop, and, rising on your toes, reach up. This exercise will relax the eye muscles, removing tension from the spine and strengthening blood circulation in the neck and head.

3. If the eyes get tired, you should quickly blink them for 1-2 minutes, then close your eyes and easily massage your fingertips with the tips of your index fingers. This exercise trains the eye muscles and improves blood circulation.

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4. Learning to see equally well in the distance, and near can be as follows: stretching out the arm in front of you, you need to concentrate your vision on your index finger, then look at a large object that is more than three meters away from you. Then again, concentrate your eyes on your finger. And so do it several times with each hand.

5. You can also train your vision with the following exercise: you need to paste a paper circle on the window glass, about 5 mm in diameter, black or red, and put the child in front of the window. The circle should be watched for two minutes, then look at an object on the street and examine it to the smallest detail, as much as possible. Do this exercise every day for 10 minutes.

6. The next exercise should be done while standing. Pulling out your hand in front of you, you have to look at the tip of your index finger for 5 seconds, then smoothly bring your finger to your face, without taking your eyes off until you double in your eyes. And in the same way take your hand back. Exercise 6 times.

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Prevention of visual impairment

Of course, prevention is equally important.

  • It should be remembered that the circulation in the body is very important for the eyes. To save sight, the child should move more, play sports and play outdoor games.
  • It is very important to monitor the child's posture - the curvature of the spine disrupts the blood supply to the brain, thereby provoking a deterioration in vision.
  • Limit the time that the child spends on the computer and TV, to a reasonable level, and do not allow to look at the monitor in a dark room - this is very harmful to the eyes.
  • The brightest moving toys will help the youngest to train their sight.
  • And do not forget about charging for the eyes - do it regularly.

To save the sight of a child, in fact, is not so difficult - just follow these simple recommendations and be healthy!

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