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How to teach a child to get out?

We cleaned regularly.

Select at least an hour once a week, whichYou will be cleaning with your child. You need to clean regularly. As a result, the baby will understand that cleaning with his mother is inevitable and it is his duty. In this way, one can accustom a child to this thought, and cleaning is an unchanging item in his routine. He will know that he will somehow have to remove the scattered things, and he will try not to scatter them. It will gradually become a habit, and when the child grows up, it will be neat.

We show an example.

The second trick is under the motto "start with yourself." You must demonstrate to the baby that cleaning does not constitute any difficulties for you and gives you pleasure. In your example, show how to put things right, hang things up and just keep the house clean. Of course, it's not easy to portray joy, cleaning your house. But we must remember that the child takes everything from you.

The next trick is that small ultimatums will help your child learn how to clean. Let's say:

"We'll go play outside after you clean your toys."

"Once you make your bed, you can play computer games."

- Look cartoons, but first lay your things.

We buy accessories.

Purchase for your child the necessary"Adaptation", so that he does not scatter his things all over the room. For example, a sufficient number of clothes hangers, bookcases, Special boxes and "Holders", wherever he could stack their disks. Also put a small plastic bucket under the table, where the child can throw away used paper. The kid can have his secrets. To do this, he must have empty boxes in the table so that he can store his secrets from you in them - in other words, he must have his own personal space. Buy plastic boxes, in which the baby will put dirty clothes.

Acquire for the children's room practicalAccessories, materials and fabrics, preferably, dark tones. This is so that if a child has a desire to wipe his hands on the curtains or on the carpet, or about the veil, or he will shed the juice, the spots will not be so noticeable.

In our time there are many differentContainers for toys, a variety of shapes and colors. If your house is constantly upside down, such containers are ideal for you. The kid will gladly use it if this container is in the form of a tiger, a bear or a hare.

Sometimes parents, accustoming their children to order,Make mistakes. Never impose a dogma that your child's direct duty is to get out of the apartment. It is necessary to tell him not a duty, but help. Do not try to teach the child everything at once - this should happen gradually. It is foolish and illogical to require the child to be accurate, if you are not distinguished by cleanliness. Indeed, it is indisputable that the example of parents instills in children the love of cleanliness. You can cause a feeling of disgust for cleaning your baby, if this activity will be presented to you, as a measure of punishment. It's not for nothing that there is a proverb "you can not be forced by force."

Try using our tips. Teaching a child to get out, you need to act with love and patience. At you necessarily all will turn out. Pleasant and easy cleaning!

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