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Child anxiety at age 7

Anxiety in 7 years

Let's try to understand this situation. In the first year of life, the psyche of the baby begins to form. In this period of time he really needs a mom. It happens that the mother is inconsistent in her actions and the child does not know whether you can trust your mother and when you can rely on her. This distrust, like a grain in a fertile environment, from which grows and strengthens anxiety. Usually very clearly expressed in 7 years of child anxiety, when a child goes to school and falls into a world unfamiliar to him. Some moms and dads believe that the baby will grow up, that with age, anxiety will pass, but in fact it is not. From what is inherent in a child at a small age, a pattern of behavior of all his further communication and relationships with other people is formed.

Waiting for an uncertain threat and danger - soCharacterized by anxiety for 7 years. Unlike emotion of fear, according to psychologists, there is no certain source of anxiety - it is fear in expectation of "not knowing what". A certain amount of anxiety is peculiar and even necessary for all of us, not only for kids, for mobilizing the emotional, intellectual and volitional resources of a person. At each person the necessary level of anxiety is individual and depends on adaptive abilities. The most important thing is that the personal characteristic of the child does not become anxiety. Usually from such a kid grows insecure person. In consequence, lead to the development of neurosis in the child, distrust and emotional instability.

Causes of anxiety

Let's try to figure out why thisInternal conflict still occurs? Is it only the behavior of the mother of all wine? Of course, here is not only the fault of my mother. It's all in blame for this, surrounding the baby. Let's remember, because everyone can remember watching the following situation: my mother forbids - my grandmother permits, my father allows - my mother forbids and vice versa. But there are other reasons. A close child is often reproached, thus causing him a sense of guilt. After these reproaches your child is simply afraid to be guilty.

How to act if the anxiety in the baby is already formed? Try using the following guidelines:

- Tell your child more often, how you love and appreciate him, do not forget to praise him, even for small good deeds;

- For naught, do not carp at your baby, because he is offended;

- Never put it in comparison with peers, "here it is good, and you are bad."

- Try not to quarrel with the baby, establish relationships between themselves. Any child quarrels with any pain and feels guilty in the conflict.

- Communicating with your child eyes in your eyes, you will help him to distinguish in the future the truth from the lie.

Give your child warmth and care, spend withHim more time, let him know that he is the most precious thing for you all around the world. Give him the opportunity to communicate with peers, visit public places. And before reproaching your baby, consider if he deserves it, or you just have a bad mood. This is the only way to cope with children's anxiety in the 7 set.

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