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What to do if the child touches the genitals

What to do?

Firstly, babies are triggered by a simpleresearch instinct: here I have a nose, here is a mouth, but here what? Secondly, at this age it can be a banal relaxation - in children very quickly there is a fixation on pleasant and unpleasant moments. It is enough to drop the baby on a cold pot once, so that the child will not go to this pot. The same happens when the child touches the genitals and this touching coincides with the fact that due to this he relaxed. For example, he got a good mood, cheered up, especially when he was upset. As soon as there is pleasure from this action, the child in other situations checks - and when else it can work? The child has a conditioned reflex, the so-called habit.

To cope with the habit, someprohibitive measures are not enough. It is much easier and more expedient to replace one habit with another, more decent. If parents or educators have noticed that the child touches the genitals, you need to switch the child to play, for some classes. In any case, at a tender age, do not say "Do not touch! ". And you should say, for example, "Listen, let's go with you and we'll paint" (call grandmother, wipe the dust, sew a doll dress, etc.).

We need to differentiate the situation. Most often, the children stroke the genitals when they are offended, upset or very tired, before going to bed. We need to look at how the child's sleep is organized and how the post-punishable period passes. For example, mother punishes a child, takes him to a corner, and here he makes himself such a reward - I was scolded, we must forget about this, be comforted. Observe how this happens, when and under what circumstances. Here the matter is in employment as well. If Mom put two or three toys to the child, and she goes to talk on the phone for an hour and a half, the child learns the toy and turns to the beloved.


As for the situation with the kindergarten, herealso lack of employment. The child does not sleep during the day, and he has to occupy himself with something. You can try to reduce the night's sleep for an hour, say, before waking up in the morning, the child will quickly tire and get used to sleep during the day. If this does not work and there is an opportunity to take the child to sleep, take it, at least temporarily (take a vacation, draw a grandmother). If there is no such opportunity, it is good if the teacher agrees not to put one child to sleep, but to give him the opportunity to play quiet games. There are two options here: either to organize a proper daily routine, or to exclude daytime sleep during this age period. As a rule, nannies in kindergartens unknowingly tighten this situation by attracting attention to it. Everything is presented to parents in such a way that they become frightened, they begin to follow the child day and night.

But after all, according to observations of psychologists, this periodabsolutely all children pass. Simply there are children who understand that due to this it is possible to get some kind of pleasure, relaxation and for a while this is used until there is no replacement. That is, as soon as a game, communication with peers, constructive communication with parents, in the touching of the sexual organs is no longer necessary. And this habit quickly disappears.

The ideal option is to consult withchildren's doctor-psychoneurologist. Sometimes this is a manifestation of organic (there was some pathology of pregnancy, childbirth). Often, childhood masturbation occurs in children with varying degrees of organic damage to the brain. This can be determined only by a psychoneurologist with brain encephalograms and other studies. And even in these cases, the child can and should be switched, taught, how to relax, how to play, how to have fun. Now you know what to do if the child touches the genitals.

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