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The child stutters, how to treat?

The kid usually begins to stutter, as soon asLearn how to express sentences - about a year and a half. And not necessarily the reason lies in the fright or other stressful situation. Specialists say that the "lexical explosion" leads to stuttering in children most often. This applies to children who are silent for a long time. Do not hurry to talk at once and a lot, and then they seem to break through the verbal "dam." The child has many words accumulated in the vocabulary, he passionately wants to communicate, his emotions overwhelm him. But his speech apparatus does not have time for the needs of a small speaker. More often than not, particularly sensitive children with a shaky type of nervous system are susceptible to stammering. They tend to take everything to heart, even the slightest changes in the behavior of relatives, their mood. They react very vigorously to family scandals and quarrels. It is necessary for the mother to raise her voice - and the child's speech is malfunctioning by itself. Fortunately, children's stuttering usually passes (only in 5% of cases it flows into pathology). However, parents must do everything in order to avoid a negative outcome.

What is the stammer

If the baby stutters, he needs to be treated, determinedBefore the type of his stammering. Actually, it can only be determined by a doctor. Therefore, at the first signs of speech failure of the child, you need to show the speech therapist. The specialist will need to determine the type and severity of the logoneurosis. He can prescribe an articulatory gymnastics for domestic execution, and if necessary, and individual lessons.

Distinguish spastic stuttering and clonicFaltering. The first case is more serious. The kid seems to be stuck at the first sounds of words, for a long time he can not begin to speak at all. Here, in addition to special exercises may require medical sedatives, which relieve spasms of the muscles of the speech apparatus. In the first case, the child repeats in the word the first syllables in the word or the first words in the sentence. Speech confusion can last for a while, then for a while to pass and return again ... Such changes can last up to four to five years. This type of stuttering is rarely delayed until school age.

Stammering, like any neurosis, isOverloading the nervous system. Therefore, before you and your child see a doctor, you should lower his emotional load to a minimum. It is very important that a small man has a stuttering skill that does not last long. So you need to act without delay. And if you follow clearly the rules of communication with a child who began to stutter, then it is possible that you will not need a doctor at all.

A few weeks ... silence

When a child stutters, it is notAlways need a doctor. You can try home methods. Try not to contact the child with requests, do not start a dialogue with him. Stammering, first of all, is a violation of the communicative function of speech. Children rarely stammer, playing and talking to themselves. Talk to the baby smoothly, slowly, singing. Do not discuss anything with a child, raising your voice, too emotionally.

Limit the child's stay in front of the TV. If you can not completely abandon the cartoons (for many children this is additional stress), then at least do not let us look at new ones. Books are also better read only by the familiar ones. And do not rush to learn the poems - wait until better times.

Let the games be calm. Especially help water fun - the child's psyche water acts as a tranquilizer. Good games with sand, as well as modeling. If the child is not fidgeting, then one should not forbid him to run. Do not rush to play catch-up yourself.

And the main thing: do not fix the child's attention to his stammering. The child stammers not specifically. Do not pull it off, do not ask to say the phrase "okay." And you see, the situation will improve itself.

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