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How to feed a child under 1 year old

How to feed a child under 1 year old?

If the child during 1-1, 5 months ateLures: fruit and vegetable purees, cereals, then you can start to gradually introduce meat - poultry, veal, beef; Also gradually introduce fish, previously cleaned from bones, bread, egg yolk; After a while - dairy products. But remember, you need to enter the lures one at a time to be sure of the reaction of the baby to this product (if he has any allergies to this product).

The time when the child received from the motherMilk all the substances necessary for its body, comes to an end. Therefore, care should be taken for a proper, healthy, balanced diet that must combine proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals. For a child, in general, as for an adult, it is very important that the food is useful and full, that is, consisting of fish, meat, natural grain, fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetable protein.

How correctly to prepare for the child?

In the diet of a child up to one year of food should not beThoroughly wiped and liquid. It is already possible to include in his diet dishes that were cooked with a larger grater, and if the first teeth appeared, you can give small pieces to the child to chew.

Vegetables and fruits should be peeledImmediately before use. If vegetables or fruits need to be boiled, then cut them into small pieces and put them out in water, after the skin is ready to be removed.

Meat and fish are cooked in the usual way,The only thing you should not do is dress it up. Ready meals should be cut into small pieces, and if necessary, add a little water before cooking, in which vegetables were cooked.

Dishes can be seasoned with a small amountButter, cranberry or lemon juice, but not salt and sugar. If you use vegetable oil, then it must be thoroughly purified, it can be corn, sunflower, olive.

How to rebuild the baby's feeding regimen?

If you continue to breastfeed, then let your breasts only in the morning and in the evening. And the rest of the feeding should be gradually replaced with the ingestion of solid food.

Well, if you decided to stop givingThe baby is breastfed, or the baby was on artificial feeding, then you should first replace one feeding adult, solid food, the next day replace the dinner with solid food, on the third day we replace the morning feeding.

If the baby feels the need for sucking, then it is possible to give tea without a sugar in a bottle with a pacifier.

We quench our thirst with the child. For this purpose the dining room is still mineral water, tea from chamomile, fennel, dried fruits, dog rose, fruit juices. If you do not accustom a child to various sweet drinks, then he will be happy to drink sugar-free drinks.

Do not feed the child with spicy food,Smoked meats, unripe fruits, fruit with seeds, fruits with coarse skin, unshredded nuts, coarse bread with whole grains, raw vegetables and sweets.

A one-year-old child is already ready to eat withOther family members, that is, from a common table. But do not give the child fatty, fried, spicy, smoked food, confectionery and baking, caffeine. Give the child ready food, suitable for his age.

The child refuses to eat, what to do?

Teach your child to eat at one time, but do not force food to eat by force. Before the main food should not be given sweet foods.

Do not mix the ingredients in a single mass, give all the ingredients separately, so the child will learn to differentiate the tastes of different foods.

The child should be fed no more than 20 minutes, allThis time you completely must give the child. Sometimes the grandmother, the nurse, in the manger the child eats something that refuses to eat from you. If the child refuses to eat regularly, the doctor should be shown. The child is healthy, but continues to refuse to eat, then this may indicate a psychological problem. Therefore, it is advisable to seek advice from a specialist.

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